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Laundry One

Centralized automatic cash point and activation system designed for self-service laundries

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Laundry One is our solution for a simple and intuitive management for self-service laundries, it manages up to 12 different washing and drying machines and up to 36 with ChangeOne CMT 7” touch screen electronic board. Thanks to its advanced and different functions, Laundry One is an excellent tool for both operators and users: operators can easily increase their business, users will gain in terms of speed and efficiency. It ensures great flexibility and versatility in payments, accepting both cash and cards thanks to installed peripherals. The user can choose to pay with banknotes and coins (with possible return of change) or by credit/debit cards or with cashless devices such as loyalty cards or RFDI keys.




• Up to 36 washing/drying programs: prices and operation times can be set up and changed according to specific operators’ needs
• Peripherals’ service status inspection
• Management and display of accounting parameters
• Easy re-scheduling of prices and times
• Accepts/returns payments
• Distribution of microchip or contactless cards to promote customer loyalty
• Cash register and fiscal printer function

• ChangeOne CMS control board 2×16
• ChangeOne CMT touch screen 7″ control board
• ARGO telemetry system + Hermes module kit for remote control
• ACS reader for setting restricted access functions available when the machine is closed
• POS terminal
• Card dispenser
• Printer
• External programming keyboard
• Universal programming kit
• RFID keys
• 4PR service board (required every 4 devices to be activated)
• Wall recessed frame
• Custom adhesive artwork



Dimensions 452.5 x 765.5 x 272.5 mm
Weight 39 kg
Voltage 230 Vac | 50 Hz
Max power 250 VA
Operating temperature 0°C ÷ 50°C
Installation Wall / recessed
Recycled coins capacity Up to 700 mixed
Stacked banknotes capacity Up to 300
Power supply unit Power switching 125 W



1 LND-MB01-V0L Unit core assembly (w/o Per. units)
2 LND-MB05-V0L Rear door
3 AM-1509 Security flat key lock
4 P-AM0703-00T MP1 paper holder
5 AA-0170 Hermes telemetry module
6 A-PW0002 MP1 power unit
7 AE-0806 RD-125 power box
8 LND-AM01-Z00 LaundryOne coin box
9 HP-C834 Hopper Discriminator II MIDI ccTalk
10 GE-66SU-000A AL66 S coin acceptor
11 IM-N000-0L10 PP front coin slot
12 12a SH-5Q21 ChangeOne LCS 2×16 control board
12b SH-8R81 ChangeOne CMT 7″ touch screen control board
13 AA-1601 Buttons hub board
14 LB-MU02 OryOne UN1 note validator
15 AE-1303-0500 Printer
16 CH-EN0E-0100 Card dispenser
17 LND-SP05-Z00 Locking bars protection
18 LND-SP03-Z00 Upper locking bar
19 LND-SP04-Z00 Lower locking bar
20 C-070104-000 Main lock (straight latch)
21 LND-SP01-V1L LaundryOne touch door
22 LND-SP01-V0L LaundryOne door
23 CH-CC01 ACS cards and keys reader
24 CH-1C1(X) RFID keys (check catalogue/website for colour)
25 LND-SP13-I00 Plugging plate for card dispenser cut-out
26 LND-SP14-I00 Plugging plate for printer cut-out
27 LD0-AS21-I00 Printer support plate
28 LND-SP12-I00 Plugging plate for POS terminal cut-out
29 C-140105 POS terminal
30 30a A-CM0059 Nayax pcb interface
30b A-CM0066 Payter pcb interface
30c A-CM0068 Valina pcb interface
31 PL-MR33-E600 Rectangular 33 flat illuminated push-button with snap-in (w/o socket)
32 PL-MR14-E600 Round 14 flat illuminated push-button with snap-in (w/o socket)
33 PM-M186 MP17 electronic RGB led socket 12V
34 34a S-051301-000 Standard adhesive artwork
34b S-051301-P00 Custom adhesive artwork
35 AA-0183 ChangeOne CMS 2×16 control board protective kit
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Manual - ENG - LaundryOne
Document pdf (2.9 MB)
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Software - Control boards and hoppers update
file zip (1.0 MB)
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Other files

NAYAX Specifications - Machine Comparison
File pdf (0.0 MB)
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Firmware - Laundry One
File alb (0.2 MB)
v A1.18
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