Since 1946, the point of reference for those looking for patented automatic payment systems and innovative technological accessories.

Leader with over 70 years of experience .

We are an international company that excels in the design, production and sale of automatic payment systems. All the machines and components are produced by us entirely in Italy. Providing personalised, high-quality solutions is what continuously makes us a preferred choice since 1946.

Shaped by our history, we shape the future .

Since 1946 we design, produce and sell customized, high-quality and entirely Made in Italy solutions for your business. From gaming to automized payment systems, our know-how has grown with us for more than 75 years in different markets: we are ready to put it at your service.

Core business .

We can offer you custom solutions and replacement parts exclusively from our company.

We Provide Solutions .

Long experience in the automatic machine industry led us to devise solutions that later became patents. A strong technological and innovative push for the laundromat, arcade and carwash market. Choosing an Alberici coin changer or coin machine pays off from day one.

Italian excellence .

In 1946, Augusto Alberici founded his business. An innovative organisation successfully establishing itself in the 80s with the launch of the Albatros joystick for consoles and PCs. Exponential growth and success led to our crowning as leaders in the industry of automatic payment systems. Since 2014, our headquarters, entirely eco-sustainable and hi-tech, has been located in Castel San Pietro (BO).

Certified quality .

We observe an internal quality control system made up of procedures, rules and checks compliant with ISO 9001 standards. We always try to satisfy and exceed the expectations of those who choose us. We protect the eco-system through compliance with WEEE regulations, RoHS and the SISTRI (Waste Tracking System) decree. We only choose materials that respect the environment and that can be recycled.

System certifications

Product certification

Attention to safety

Community Directive

Respect for the environment

Green data center


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