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Remote control portal for Alberici machines

Discover more about ARGO – GATE

ARGO is the remote control system  Alberici branded, which allows you to manage live your machines; thanks to HERMES module installed in each machine. The system allows you to check all machines’ data through ARGO app and web app from any mobile device or computer. With ARGO you can monitor accountings, cash availability, check service status of machines and peripherals; furthermore, view geo-location in real time. Machines’ sync is automatic, no user intervention is needed and you can conveniently and securely manage refill, storage and maintenance operations: through intuitive charts you can manage movements of each machine. We update and improve ARGO constantly to make it more and more performant, reliable and intuitive.


GATE is a remote control solution, with the same characteristics, exclusive for Alberici PAYSTATION payment terminal.



• ARGO: remote control portal for Alberici money changers
• GATE: remote control portal exclusive for Alberici PAYSTATION payment terminal

• Geolocation
• Detailed information relating your machine fleet
• Quick monitoring of service status and event record list
• Filtering interest data
• Data sheet download
• Automatic real time notifications, via app o email, about anomalies or movement needs
• Possibility to enable or disable secondary users
• Possibility to enable or disable a credit

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SIM card monthly fee LAV-0225-99
Monthly fee LAV-0205-99
Monthly fee + SIM card LAV-0215-99
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