Big Start

Multifunctional self-service control panel for outdoor use

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The Big Start self-service activation system is specially designed for outdoor use, thanks to its sturdy 304 and 430 stainless steel frames resistant to oxidation and corrosion. Degree of protection IP 54 with insulated and tropicalized components. Capable of handling up to 8 programs (+8 additional). Accepts payments in banknotes, coins and through cashless devices. Reloads RFID cards and dispenses cards or RFID keys. It is available in two versions: Big Start and Big Start S which have 12 programs.




• Easy re-scheduling of prices and times
• Functions with restricted access available from outside the unit by means of RFID keys with progressive enabling levels
• Management and display of accounting parameters
• Peripherals’ service status inspection
• Settings completely customizable
• Cards dispensing

• Multi denomination hopper AH4 Discriminator II
• ACS reader for setting restricted access functions available when the machine is closed
• RFID keys
• RFID keys and cards programmer
• Card dispenser
• Pedestal
• Wall fixing plate
• Ground fixing plate
• Printer
• Universal programming kit
• Heater Kit
• VEGA-RC1 Recycler
• VEGA-RC2 Recycler
• Custom adhesive artwork






Dimensions 497 x 776 x 499 mm
Weight 60.95 kg
Voltage 230 Vac | 50 Hz
Max power 250 VA
Operating temperature 0°C ÷ 50°C
Installation Pedestal / recessed
Recycled coins capacity Up to 2.400
Recycled banknotes capacity Up to 60
Stacked banknotes capacity Up to 300
Power supply unit Power switching 125 W





1 INW-S001-I00 Rear door
2 INW-A025-I00 Coin box
3 INW-A008-I00 Upper sliding shelf
4 INW-A011-I00 lower sliding shelf
5 K-02C-020003 HopperOne S11 ccTalk with 10p adapter
6 C-071002-000 OMGE 835/30 pair of guide rails
7 7a LB-MC0E-0100 VEGA note validator
7b AA-0201 VEGA-RC1 recycler
7c AA-0210 VEGA-RC2 recycler
8 GE-66SU-1000 AL66 S tropicalized coin selector
9 A-CM0332 Printer
10 A-CM0347 Buttons plate
11 11a INW-PS01-I00 Upper standard plate
11b INW-PS02-I00 Upper plate + 2 note validators
11c INW-PS03-I00 Upper plate + printer
11d INW-PS05-I00 Upper plate + Payter
12 A-CM0323 Power unit
13 A-CM0325 Shutter
14 A-CM0326 Keys dispenser
15 INW-A035-I00 Male clamp
16 INW-A036-I00 Female clamp
17 AE-0705 Heater kit
18 INW-A002-I00 Heater kit support
19 SH-1E41-000T ChangeOne STG 5″ tropicalized control board
20 INW-M001-I00 Unit core assembly (w/o Per. units)
21 CH-BC01 ACS Round keys reader
22 22a S-050142-000 Standard adhesive artwork
22b S-050142-P00 Custom adhesive artwork
23 PN-MD0T-0000 Vandal proof button with illuminated ring
24 PM-M186 MP17 electronic RGB led socket 12V
25 S-020901-110 8 PR tropicalized control board
26 IM-N000-0L10 PP front coin slot
  • Big Start S
    12 programs/services
    12 multifunctional illuminated vandal-proof push-buttons
    12 display, one for each of 12 push-buttons


  • Big Start
    8 (+8 in addition) programs/services
    8 multifunctional illuminated vandal-proof push-buttons
    As option, 8 additional push-buttons
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