Active Eight

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Pay-for-time self-service station, with 8 separately programmable service lines

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Active Eight


Active Eight it’s the new solution with 8 different users completely independently. This new activation system was designed for self-service applications, suitable for gyms, swimming-pools, museums, sports facilities, laundries etc. It can accept payments by coins, banknotes or RFID electronic keys (ACS version), starting one or more service lines through RGB illuminated push-buttons. In addition, it can be equipped with of Billyone and Oryone banknote readers, even in their reading dollars versions, in addition to coin acceptor and cashless devices.

  • K transparent cover, to protect from damaging atmospheric agents, spray and fine dust
  • Polycarbonate note validator cover, for note validators' entry
  • Self-configuring p.c. board with LCD display.
  • CcTalk serial protocol grants high security standards
  • AL66 S electronic coin acceptor, with magnetic and optical detector for a careful discrimination and counterfeits rejection
  • OryOne UN1 note validator: with stacker and anti-fishing device – 300 stackable banknotes
  • Vandal-proof RGB push-buttons
  • ACS RW Module for RFID electronic keys
  • Keyboard for menu configuration to make more comfortable to set up the menu from outside
  • Customized art-work available upon request



  • Easy managing and display of accounting parameters, with access through the onboard buttons or the RFID Master/Service Keys (ACS version only)
  • Price and time length can be easily re-programmed by the onboard buttons or the RFID Master/Service Keys (ACS version only)
  • ACS reader allows to collect account data, to modify the menu parameters, and to initialize new Service and User keys. Users can load credit on the keys by Active Eight, and pay for service by the key
  • Programming station┬áfor RFID key (only for ACS)
  • RFID keys
  • Free standing support
  • Wall-mount slab
  • Floor-mount slab
  • Flange for pedestal concrete deep-mount
  • Anti-condensation and anti-freezing heater kit┬á
  • Keyboard for menu configuration
  • Re-programmable lock
  • Universal programming Kit
  • Custom-made artwork


Disegni quotati Active Eight


400 x 685 x 192  mm 
Weight 23,2 Kg
Voltage 24 Vca  – 50 Hz
Nominal power 240 W
Operation temperature 0°C ÷ 50°C
Umidity 10% ÷ 90% non condensing
Stackered banknotes capacity Up to 300
Installation recessed / wall-mount / on floorstand
Spare parts




1   PTW-M001-I00 Inox cabinet
2   PTW-S012-I00 Coin box
3   PTW-M003-I00 Plexi cover
4   C-070603-000 Rubber gasket
5   PTW-S006-I00 Lower locking bar
6   PTW-S007-I00 Upper locking bar
7   PTW-S005-I00 Inox door hinge
8   C-070103-000 Main lock (straight latch)
9   GE-66SU-1000 AL66 S tropicalized modif. coin acceptor
10 ┬á SH-1I21-000T HJS tropicalized electronic control board (2×16 blue display)
11   CH-BC01 ACS Round module ccTalk/Pulse
12   LB-MU02  OryOne UN1 note validator
13   AA-0901 K transparent cover
14   PN-MD0T-0000   Vandal-proof push-button with illuminated ring
15   PM-M186 RGB L.E.D. mini electronic socket
16   PTW-S004-I00 Multiservice door
17 17a S-050141-000 Standard adhesive artwork
17b S-050141-P00 Custom-made adhesive artwork
18   AA-0247 Note validator cover
19   S-020901-131 8PR tropicalized electronic board
20   IM-KP00-6L10 KP front plate for coin acceptor
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