Hopper CD

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Single denomination disk-driven hopper

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Hopper CD


Hopper CD guarantees counting accuracy and security, inside there is an enhanced processor offering superior performance with very low power consumption. Output sensors make it secure against tampering and fraud.


• Optic sensors, for an accurate level detection of available coins
• Excellent security standards thanks to the wiring equipped with ferrite to screen and filter any interferences
• ARM Microprocessor 32Bit 128K
• Control board with four-layer structure, to reduce magnetic and electrostatics interferences
• CcTalk or parallel 10 pinouts integrated interface
• Regularity and accuracy in operations
• More than 10 M payouts
• Solid sliding metal plate


• 5-, 6- or 7-Holes disk
• 4 different versions, depending to the desired space and capacity: Mini, Midi, Maxi o Lateral (with side tank)
• Two-Fold chute
• Libra CD electronic scales for automatic detection of hoppers’ content
• Upper extension for Hopper Midi
• Upper extension for Hopper Maxi
• STP sink for Hopper Mini
• STP sink for Hopper Midi
• Clamp for 10p flat cable
• Universal programming kit
• Reverse version




Hopper CD - quota frontale



Weight 0.595 kg (Mini); 0.660 kg (Midi); 0.695 kg (Maxi & Lateral)
Voltage 24 Vdc
Current draw 800 mA
Interfaces CcTalk (built-in), AES DH 256, AES DH 2048, Pulse
Operating temperature 0°C ÷ 50°C
Humidity 20% ÷ 75%
Speed 280 coins/min (7-Holes); 240 coin/min (6-H.); 200 coin/min (5-H.)
Coin capacity 325 coins (Mini); 500 (Midi); 725 (Maxi); 775 (Lateral)
Coins diameter 18 ÷ 26.5 mm (5 o 7 Holes disk); 22 ÷ 31.5 mm (6 Holes)
Coins thickness 1.8 ÷ 2.6 mm
Spare parts

Hopper CD is available in the following versions of the Standard model:

discriminator II quote

Reverse version is achieved by rotating the supplied slide





ccTalk Crypto DH 256 A727 HP-Q12K ccTalk Crypto DH 256 A727 HP-Q13K ccTalk Crypto DH 256 A727 HP-Q14K ccTalk Crypto DH 256 A727 HP-Q15K
ccTalk  A727 HP-Q124 ccTalk  A727 HP-Q134 ccTalk  A727 HP-Q144 ccTalk  A727 HP-Q154
ccTalk  A633 HP-Q129 ccTalk  A633 HP-Q139 ccTalk  A633 HP-Q149 ccTalk  A633 HP-Q159
ccTalk  A527 HP-Q127 ccTalk  A527 HP-Q137 ccTalk  A527 HP-Q147 ccTalk  A527 HP-Q157
Pulse   A727 HP-Q122 Pulse   A727 HP-Q132 Pulse   A727 HP-Q142 Pulse   A727 HP-Q152
Pulse   A633 HP-Q121 Pulse   A633 HP-Q131 Pulse   A633 HP-Q141 Pulse   A633 HP-Q151




Manual - ENG - Hopper CD - Pulse
Document pdf (0.5 MB)
Manual - ENG - Hopper CD - ccTalk
Document pdf (1.0 MB)
Manual - ENG - Hopper CD - ccTalk AES
Document pdf (1.0 MB)


Software - Control boards and hoppers update
file zip (1.0 MB)
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Firmware - Hopper CD S11 KID
file alb (0.3 MB)
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Instruction - ENG - Hopper update
Document pdf (2.9 MB)
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Other files

Data sheet - ITA/ENG - Hopper CD - ccTalk
File pdf (0.2 MB)
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