Hopper Kid

Single denomination belt-driven compact hopper

Discover more about Hopper Kid

Compact Hopper with ccTalk protocol, based on an efficient chain dispensing device.
It ensures counting accuracy and security against tampering. Available in Standard or Reverse versions.


• Efficient mechanical anti-hollows agitator
• Anti-jamming system and clearance auto-reverse device
• Optic sensors for low and high-level detection of available coins
• High performance gear motor set
• ARM Microprocessor 32Bit 128K
• Control board with four-layer structure, to reduce magnetic and electrostatics interferences
• More than 10M payouts
• Solid sliding metal plate

• Libra CD electronic scales for automatic detection of hoppers’ content
• 10 pins adapter ccTalk + mini USB
• Reverse version



hopper kid quote 2020



Weight 1.6 kg
Voltage 24 Vdc
Current draw 1.2 A
Interfaces CcTalk, AES 256 DH, AES 1024 DH (interchangeable), Pulse/ccTalk modif.
Operating temperature 0°C ÷ 50°C
Humidity 20% ÷ 75%
Speed 240 coins/min
Coin capacity 800 coins
Coins diameter 21 ÷ 32 mm, 16 ÷ 24 mm
Coins thickness 1.7 ÷ 4.1 mm
There are no spare parts for this product.

Hopper Kid is available in two versions, depending on related position between pin outs and coins way out: in Standard version they are opposite; in Reverse one they are on the same side.


Hopper Kid Standard Hopper Kid Reverse
Opto 24Vdc ccTalk, Crypto AeS, DH256 HP-L11K HP-LA1K
Opto 24Vdc ccTalk HP-L114 HP-LA14
Opto 24Vdc Pulse HP-L112 HP-LA12
Opto 24 Vdc ccTalk with 10 pins adapter (Ø coins 21 ÷ 32 mm) K-02C-020014 K-02C-020015
Opto 24 Vdc ccTalk with 10 pins adapter (Ø coins 16 ÷ 24 mm) K-02C-020068 K-02C-020069


Manual - ENG - Hopper Kid - Standard Pulse
Document pdf (0.8 MB)
Manual - ENG - Hopper Kid - ccTalk
Document pdf (0.9 MB)


Software - Control boards and hoppers update
file zip (1.0 MB)


Instruction - ENG - Hopper update
Document pdf (2.9 MB)

Other files

Firmware - Hopper CD/S11/KID >>UPGRADING TO THE NEW FIRMWARE VERSION* IS RECOMMENDED (corrects "over-current" errors)
File alb (0.4 MB)
V A3.0.6 + V A4.0.2

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