ACS RW Module

Cashless RW module for RFID electronic keys. Available as Pulse or ccTalk versions.

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Cashless device for customers loyal programs, it is designed to be waterproof and suitable for all those operating situations where resistance to humidity, and not only, is essential: vending machines, access controls, car-wash plants, laundrettes, gyms, fun and theme parks, parking areas, Internet cafés …
Easy and quick to install (Round model needs just Ø 31 mm hole), this ACS system is realized with Safe Mifare® technology which guarantees secure and reliable transactions.
Data exchange takes place through radiofrequency signals instead of direct contact between the RW module and the keys. Thanks to contact-less operation and solid state processing, the system does not wear out.

  • ccTalk serial protocol or Pulse interface available
  • Available Square or Round type, with quick-fit mount
  • Available also integrated into KA face-plate, in combination with electronic coin selector
  • The RFID transponder keys are durable, waterproof and not reproducible
  • Keys can be preset for one out of three possible functional configurations: Master, or Service, or User
  • Keys can be programmed and recharged through programming station for pc, with mini-USB port
  • Reader set up through managing software

  • RFID Master key
  • RFID Service key
  • RFID Utente key
  • RFID Keys programming station
  • Universal programming kit


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Weight 52 gr Square ACS reader – 49,5 gr Round ACS reader
Power supply +12 V
Current draw 150 mA
Operating temperature -10°C ÷ 50°C
Humidity -10% ÷ 90% (not condensed)
Key storage capacity 720 byte
There are no spare parts for this product.

Contactless RFID system for transponder keys is available in the following versions:

Protocollo ccTalk / Pulse
ACS Square CH-BC00
ACS Round CH-BC01
Intro KA + ACS Square K-A1C-000001

ccTalk version
ccTalk version enables to customize the transactions modes up to particular needs. Moreover, it further assures the security of the communication between the RW Module and the machine board. The RW Module reads the data stored in the keys, and modifies them according to the operation carried out (i.e. payment for a product or a service).
It can as well be used in combination with Alberici ccTalk Alberici electronic coin selectors, or ccTalk note validator, to build credit uploads stations.
Accounts data can be collected by Master or Service key and read through the programming station.

Pulse version
Available programming: Single step totalizer, single step totalizer on request. Single step Timer (up to 10 hours service time).
The RW ACS module reads the data stored in the keys and modifies them according to the operation carried out. Accounts data can be collected by Master or Service key and read through the programming station. It includes a  6 pin socket for service activation push-button.
It can be connected to p.c. board, just like any other Pulse totalizer electronic coin selector, or else can be matched to the Servo board user activation. In this case the Servo board feeds the note validator.


Manual - ENG - ACS ccTalk
Document pdf (1.0 MB)
Manual - ENG - ACS Pulse
Document pdf (0.8 MB)


Software - Cashless Reader ACS - Driver
file zip (0.1 MB)
v 3.4.2
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