VLT Master Change

VLT ticket changer for your business

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VLT Master change allows to purchase tickets for VLT machines or betting terminals and to withdrawal cash from tickets printed by them, once these have been validated by the operator through the Master controller VLT. The payout is uniquely encoded by VLT terminals and the code is printed by the same on a validated ticket. The ticket can be cashed in or inserted into another machine to play again. In order to cash in the ticket, it must be validated by the Master controller VLT before inserting it into the VLT Master change. The VLT machine queries its data server for canceled tickets to sift through the validity of the code; if the server validates it, the machine will pay the corresponding amount. At the same time the console will extinguish the validity of the ticket in order to prevent undue payouts attempts. Several important machine functions can be set, modified, performed and controlled remotely through Alberici’s ARGO telemetry portal.




• Print and scan of VLT tickets, both barcodes and QR Codes
• Peripherals’ service status inspection
• Management and display of accounting parameters
• Settings completely customizable
• Remote management of accounting and settings

• ARGO telemetry system + Hermes module kit for remote control
• Illuminated topper
• Custom adhesive artwork



Dimensions 466 x 1685 x 485 mm
Weight 138.9 kg
Voltage 230 Vac | 50 Hz
Max power 250 VA
Operating temperature 0°C ÷ 50°C
Installation Free-standing
Recycled coins capacity Up to 6.000
Stacked banknotes capacity Up to 600
Dispensable banknotes capacity Up to 2500 (500 each unit)
Power supply unit Power switching 125 W



1 A-CM0435 Unit core assembly (w/o Per. units)
2 TL-46S1 Keeper illuminated topper aerial model
3 A-CM0431 VLT Master Change power unit
4 K-02C-020076 HopperOne S11 ccTalk with 10p adaptor + 2 Sector 100 1B/2T extensions
5 A-PS0003 UPS
6 AE-0103 HY69-7 switch
7 SH-618N 10″ touchscreen IPS pc system
8 LC-L1AC Lynx card reader
9 AE-1304-0300 Printer
10 LB-MC0E-1600 Multi cassette Fujitsu F56 media dispenser
11 AA-0261 Fujitsu F56 dispenser drawer
12 LB-MC0E-0800 iPRO-SS note validator
13 S-030184-010 iPRO wiring
14 C-070103-010 Main lock (straight latch)
15 SR-C100 Tutor electronic motor latch
16 16a S-050170-000 Standard adhesive artwork
16b S-050170-P00 Custom adhesive artwork
17 LG1-SP01-V06 VLT Master Change door
18 AA-0170 Hermes telemetry module
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