Topper available with Neon design or light points; it reproduces many combinations of LED lightings

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The Vanguard elegant topper light is available with either chrome or black front bezel. 32 high-intensity LEDs sparkle along the bezel path, framing a wreath of beads (Vanguard LP) or a neon-like ribbon (Vanguard Neon). In both cases, color options are RGB (programmable multicolor) or white. The wide central window is back-lighted by a high efficiency fluorescent tube, and easily accommodates the advert artwork (not included). The exclusive and attractive Rainbow versions replace the artwork by an etched inscription that gets animated by the glowing RGB 10-L.E.D. strip.


  • 32 high-intensity LEDs produce ever-changing illumination patterns that draw the Players’ attention
  • In the multicolour RGB models, the illuminating patterns combine the mixing shades in a continuous cycle of 11 different schemes (intermittence, clockwise and anti-clockwise filling, multidirectional rotation, etc.), each pattern lasting for 180 seconds
  • It is possible to easily switch from the mixed colour patterns to single colour patterns (red or green or blue or white), whose cycle lasts 130 seconds
  • Choose among 3 different intensity levels, to adapt to environment light conditions
  • The artwork window is back-lighted by a powerful fluorescent tube
  • 3 different adaptors (included) allow to fit the light topper on different radius domes (r = 441 mm and r = 222 mm) or on flat surfaces
  • Supplied with two unique tools for fast installation / dismantle,  to be handled according to the User’s convenience: one key-shaped tool allows to fix the topper from the inside of the machine dome; the second one is a fitting bar that permits to fix the topper from outside the machine
  • Quickly removable from its fixing base, to ease installation and dismantle
  • With neon
  • With light points (LP)
  • Toppers mounting Kit
  • Customized artwork
  • Customized etched artwork (Rainbow version)






Weight – Vanguard Neon 1.756 kg / Neon Rainbow 1.634 kg
Weight – Vangard LP 1.531 kg / PL Rainbow 1.520 kg
Voltage 12 Vcc – 5 Vcc / 12 Vdc – 5 Vdc
Current draw 500 mA
Bezel-L.E.D. brightness 600 lum.
Artwork-L.E.D. brightness 280 lum.
Lifespan 30.000 hours
There are no spare parts for this product.

Vanguard is available in the classic version LP with a crown pf 32 light points or in the version “vintage” NEON with the stylish-like translucent bar that re-creates the appearance of the neon artwork.

VANGUARD LP – Classic design with light points

COLOURS PATTERNS RGB multicolor White Blue RGB multicolor White Blue
Vanguard LP TL-3C02 TL-3C01 TL-3C03 TL-3602 TL-3601 TL-3603
Vanguard LP Rainbow TL-3CS2 TL-3CS1 TL-3CS3 TL-36S2 TL-36S1 TL-36S3

VANGUARD NEON – Stylish neon-like translucent bar

COLOURS PATTERNS Multicolor RGB Bianco Multicolor RGB Bianco
Vanguard TL-3C07 TL-3C08 TL-3607 TL-3608
Vanguard Rainbow TL-3CS7 TL-3CS8 TL-36S7 TL-36S8


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