Elegant topper light, easy to mount. It is available with light beacon in white, blue and multi-colour

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The Shuttle topper light is available with white, blue or multi-colour effects, produced by 32 high-intensity, long-life L.E.D.s bordering the chrome or black bezel.
The central back-lighted surface can be used for advertisements and can be easily and smartly self-customized: just open up the two shells and slip your artwork between the two preset Perspex layers.


  • The lighting sequence switches through 14 different L.E.D. patterns every 90 sec. (intermittence, rotation, filling, etc.) in a sparkling cycle that calls for attention
  • The L.E.D. power can be set to any of two intensity levels, to adapt to specific environment light conditions
  • As an option, lights can be switched off for 15 sec. when the game gets started, so as not to divert the player from the ongoing game
  • 3 different adaptors (included) allow to fit the topper light on different radius domes (r = 441 mm and r = 222 mm) or on flat surfaces
  • Supplied with two unique tools for fast installation / dismantle, to be handled according to the User’s convenience: one key-shaped tool allows to fix the topper from the inside of the machine dome; the second one is a fitting bar that permits to fix the topper from outside the machine
  • Toppers mounting Kit
  • Customized artwork




Weight 1.440 kg
Voltage 12 Vdc – 5 Vdc
Current draw 500 mA
Bezel-L.E.D. brightness 600 lum.
Artwork-L.E.D. brightness 280 lum.
Lifespan 30.000 hours
There are no spare parts for this product.

The illuminated topper Shuttle is available in the following versions:


Black White TL-1601
Multicolor TL-1602
Blue TL-1603
Chrome White TL-1C01
Multicolor TL-1C02
Blue TL-1C03
White Blue TL-1103


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