Dry Change

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Money Changer or Token dispenser for outdoor use. Built-in, wall-mount or free-standing.

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Dry Change


Money Changer or Token dispenser specifically designed for outdoor use, equipped with a sturdy, oxidation and corrosion resistant metal sheet; IP54 protection degree, insulated and tropicalized components.

Furthermor, it has sliding rails with frontal access in order to make maintenance easier. It can be supplied as free-standing, built-in or wall-mount.

  • IP54 protection degree against rust oxidation and corrosion; tropicalized and insulated components
  • Wet-shielded payment bay, with plexy panel to protect from damaging atsmoferic agents, spry and fine dust
  • Double latch lock, equipped with 5 solid fastening spots
  • 2×16 LCD display, with easy interactive managing. Selection among 5 languages
  • Self-configuring p.c. board connecting automatically to the built-in peripherals. Serial ccTalk protocol grants high security standards
  • AL66 S electronic coin acceptor, with magnetic sensors and optical detector to assure extreme accuracy in coin discrimination as well as counterfeits rejection; also with optic pairs and mechanical devices against fishing, fraud and tampering
  • Multi-function illuminated vandal-proof push-button
  • Single-denomination belt-driven hopper HopperOne S11. As an alternative, the multi-denomination Hopper AH4 Discriminator II┬á
  • OryOne UN1 Note validator: with stacker and anti-fishing device –┬á300 stackable banknotes
  • ACS RW Module
  • Anti-intrusion bar
  • Rear access with sliding rails which make maintenance easier
  • Customized art-work available upon request


  • Manual or automatic distribution of coins or tokens
  • Possibility to view peripherals service status
  • Easy managing of manual change coins/tokens and smart control of reserve stock
  • Easy managing and display of accounting parameters
  • All settings can be customized by the unit Owner/Operator
  • Back-change system allowing banknotes delivery
  • Hermes GPRS-GSM-GPS Module Kit
  • Hermes GPRS-GSM Module Kit
  • ARGO – Control Portal
  • Programming station┬áfor RFID key (only for ACS)
  • RFID keys
  • Free standing support
  • Wall-mount slab
  • Floor-mount slab
  • Flange for pedestal concrete deep-mount
  • Anti-condensation and anti-freezing heater kit
  • Thermal printer
  • Keyboard for menu configuration
  • Re-programmable lock
  • Universal programming Kit
  • Custom-made artwork




Size 400 x 700 x 270 mm
Weight 40 Kg (80 Kg with TOP pedestal; 57,50 Kg with GROUND pedestal)
Voltage 110 – 230 Vac / 50 Hz
Nominal power 340 W
Operation temperature 0┬░C ├Ě 50┬░C
Umidity 10% ├Ě 90% non condensing
Installation Recessed / wall-mount / on floorstand
Coin capacity Up to 1.200 (├ś 24 mm)
Stackered banknotes capacity Up to 300
Control board ChangeOne CMS (Change Full with printer kit), tropicalized
Power supply unit Power switching 340W
Spare parts




1 DRW-M001-V08 Cabinet
2 A-CM0341 RD-125 Power Unit with bracket
3 3a AA-0175 GPRS-GSM-GPS / Wi-Fi Module Kit – Pin Aerial model
3b AA-0172 GPRS-GSM-GPS / Wi-Fi Module Kit – Disk Aerial model
3c AA-0173 GPRS-GSM Hermes Module Kit – Pin Aerial model
3d AA-0170 GPRS-GSM Hermes Module Kit – Disk Aerial model
3e AA-0174 Wi-Fi Hermes Module Kit – Pin Aerial model
3f AA-0171 Wi-Fi Hermes Module Kit – Disk Aerial model
4 DRW-A040-Z00 Heater kit support
5 DRW-M002-Z00 Sliding rail shelf
6 DRW-A030-Z00 Coin box
7 DRW-A025-I00 Inox door hinge
8 C-070603-000 Rubber gasket
9 9a DRW-A061-I00 Change panel (Coin acceptor + Note validator)
9b DRW-A060-I00 Change panel (Coin acceptor + Note validator + Printer)
10 DRW-P034-I00 Command panel internal plate
11 DRW-A015-Z00 Upper locking bar
12 DRW-A016-Z00 Lower locking bar
13 SH-1A21-1000 CMS tropicalized electronic control board (2×16 blue display)
14 GE-66SU-1000 AL66 S tropicalized modif. coin acceptor
15 LB-MU02 OryOne UN1note validator
16 16a K-02C-020003 HopperOne S11 ccTalk + 10p adaptor
16b K-02C-040016 Hopper AH4 Discriminator II + 10 p adaptor
17 C-070104-000 Main lock (straight latch)
18 AE-1302-0200 TG02H USB RS232 58mm printer
19 S-100226-00B Flip door
20 DRW-A011-Z00 Bracket for flip door
21 PN-MD0T-0000 Vandal-proof push-button with illuminated ring
22 PM-M186 RGB L.E.D. mini electronic socket
23 CH-BC01 ACS Round module ccTalk/Pulse
24 S-100225-00B Sliding Plexi protection
25 DRW-A051-Z00 Right-side frame for Plexi protection
26 DRW-A052-Z00 Left-side frame for Plexi protection
27 DRW-A053-Z00 Guide for Plexi protection
28 DRW-A053-I00 Rack shaft for Plexi protection
29 C-070701-000 Pinion for rack shaft
30 DRW-S001-V08 Dry Door
31 31a S-050154-000 Standard adhesive artwork
31b S-050156-000 Under-deck standard adhesive artwork
31c S-050157-000 Command panel Standard adhesive artwork (Coin acceptor + Note validator + Printer)
31d S-050158-000 Command panel Standard adhesive artwork (Coin acceptor + Note validator)
32 AA-0105 Anti-intrusion bars
33 IM-N000-0L10 PP inner bracket for coin acceptor
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Manual - ENG - Dry Change
Document pdf (2.0 MB)


Software - Control boards and hoppers update
file zip (0.0 MB)
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Firmware - Control board CMS
file (0.1 MB)
v 1.26
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Instruction - ENG - Updating the ChangeOne CxS Arm pcbs
Document pdf (0.0 MB)
Instruction - ENG - Updating the ChangeOne CxS Freescale pcbs
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