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CashOne Zio Vito


Man-operated, token or coin dispenser

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CashOne Zio Vito is a token dispenser unit, preset to be used by four different cashiers whose access is enabled by personal electronic key. Sturdy and compact cabinet, with built-in comfortable and ergonomic control keypad. Electronic master key gives access to menu configuration, and when removed retrives automatically overall accounts as well as the four separate account sets.


With Zio Vito:


• ChangeOne CGS control board 2×16 for operators and mini LCD display 2×16 at customer’s side
• Plastic sliding lid, for massive coins drop; lockable/unlockable by key
• Numeric keypad, 3 illuminated buttons and ACS RFID keys reader to enable individual cashiers and for Master key programming and account download
• Single denomination HopperOne S11. Capacity: up to 1.200 tokens
• Simple and practical structure to facilitate cleaning and maintenance
• Two dispensing modes: by entering token quantity or by money amount (bonus maintained even when switching from both modes)

• POS terminal
• RFID keys and cards programmer
• RFID keys
• Universal programming kit
• Coin holder cups
• Custom adhesive artwork




Dimensions 166 x 449 x 520.5 mm
Weight 20 kg
Voltage 230 Vac | 50 Hz
Max power 250 VA
Operating temperature 0°C ÷ 50°C
Installation Desktop
Coins capacity Up to 1.200 (Ø 24mm)
Speed 240 tokens / min.
Power supply unit Power switching 125 W
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Manual - ENG - CashOne Zio Vito
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