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CashOne Alex

Desktop modular token (or coins) dispenser

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CashOne Alex desktop unit is a man-operated system designed to dispense tokens or coins, preset for 4 different cashiers’ accesses, through personal RFID key. The master key gives access to menu settings. CashOne Alex has been designed with modular configuration: both control console and dispensing module (single or double) are independent, so as to put each unit at the most convenient place. Available in two versions: Alex I (with single dispenser module) capacity up to 1.200 mixed coins and Alex II (with double dispenser module) capacity up to 2.400 mixed coins.


With Alex:


• ChangeOne CGS control board 2×16 on the control console and mini LCD display 2×16 on dispensing modules
• Plastic sliding lid, for massive coins drop; lockable/unlockable by key
• Console: numeric keypad, 3 illuminated buttons and ACS RFID keys reader to enable individual cashiers and for Master key programming and account download
• Single denomination HopperOne S11. Capacity: up to 2.400 tokens with two dispensing modules
• Simple and practical structure to facilitate cleaning and maintenance
• Two dispensing modes: by entering token quantity or by money amount (bonus maintained even when switching from both modes)

• Additional dispensing module for ALEX II
• POS terminal
• RFID keys and cards programmer
• RFID keys
• Universal programming kit
• Coin holder cups
• Custom adhesive artwork




Dimensions 166 x 449 x 397 mm (single module) – 192 x 213 x 197 mm (console)
Weight 19.35 kg ALEX I – 36 kg ALEX II
Voltage 230 Vac | 50 Hz
Max power 250 VA
Operating temperature 0°C ÷ 50°C
Installation Desktop
Coins capacity Up to 1.200 ALEX I – 2.400 ALEX II
Speed 240 tokens / min.
Power supply unit Power switching 125 W
There are no spare parts for this product.

CashOne Alex is available in two different versions:


ALEX I [code CM-ALX1]
• Independent control console
• Single module dispenser with HopperOne S11


ALEX II [code CM-ALX2]
• Upgraded by additional dispensing module [AA-0139]
• Independent control console
• Double module dispenser with HopperOne S11


Manual - ENG - CashOne Alex
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