FLAT LOW-DEPTH nut fixing, Square shape – 48.5 x 48.5 mm

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PL – Illuminated Push-button
MP – Flat miniature, lock nut
2A – Square shape

A modern, simple and elegant design, and a body lowered to minimize volumes: these are the features that distinguish the flat miniature illuminated push-buttons from the Standard lines. The extremely versatile MP series push-buttons are suitable to all types of machines: they can be mounted by lock-nut; their mounting cut-out can accommodate any of the models included in the MP and MH series.

  • Minimal volume under the deck
  • Lock-nut mounting
  • 1,8 mm button stroke
  • Patented bayonet quick-coupling
  • Wide variety of available sockets
  • Wide range of light sources
  • Mounting cut-out same as MH/MP series
  • 0° Miniature socket
  • 0° quick coupling
  • Electronic socket
  • 12V 1,2W light bulb
  • 12V L.E.D.
  • 12V 5-LED 
  • 24V 1,2W light bulb
  • 24V L.E.D.
  • Customized serigraphy


There are no spare parts for this product.


Push-button Series Model Plate colour Core colour Frame colour Socket model
PL MP 2A x x 0 x

Code to be completed according to the following charts:

Plate WHITE 1
WHITE + text E
Core BLACK 6
Socket MINIATURE 0° (*) with 12V 1,2W light bulb A
with 12V L.E.D. B
with 12V PCB 4-LED  K
without light bulb C
with 24V 1,2W light bulb I
with 24V L.E.D.  J

(*) 0° quick coupling to be ordered apart

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