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Multipurpose small size dispenser

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Enjoy is the multifunction dispenser designed to deliver any type of boxed product in the classic 88 x 55 x 23 mm format. The internal space hosts 8 distribution racks, and allows to store up to 160 products in a minimum overall volume. It can be installed on the wall or on a free-standing support, Enjoy is the ideal distributor for smoke shops, pharmacies, automatic shops and in general any place where you wish to sell products 24 hours a day, even in absence of staff.




• Optimized space
• Control and verification of age documents
• Delivers up to 4 different boxed products
• Peripherals’ service status inspection
• Easy restoration of product stock levels
• Management and display of accounting parameters
• Settings completely customizable


• ARGO telemetry system + Hermes module kit for remote control
• Multi denomination hopper Discriminator II
• 300 pieces stacker
• 600 pieces stacker
• Illuminated topper
• External programming keyboard
• POS terminal
• Universal programming kit
• Wall fixing plate
• Pedestal
• Custom adhesive artwork







Dimensions 550 x 860* x 370 mm (*1710.5 mm with pedestal)
Weight 82.4 kg (126.8 kg with pedestal)
Voltage 230 Vac | 50 Hz
Max power 250 VA
Operating temperature 0°C ÷ 50°C
Installation Pedestal / wall
Coins capacity Up to 1.000
Stacked banknotes capacity Up to 600
Selections / product capacity 4 / 160
 Power supply unit Power switching 125 W
Spare parts



1 DM0-MB01-V06 Unit core assembly (w/o Per. units)
2 AA-1803 Hermes VM telemetry module
3 TL-46T4 Enjoy illuminated topper
4 AA-1801-0600 Enjoy pedestal
5 DM0-AC06-V06 Wall fixing plate
6 DM0-AC10-I00 Plugging plate for POS terminal cut-out
7 A-VM0001 Power unit
8 IM-N000-0L10 PP front coin slot
9 AA-0145 P3 wiring hub
10 S-030501-000 10p cable
11 S-030189-000 OryOne UN1 wiring
12 12a LB-MU02 OryOne UN1 note validator
12b LB-MU03 OryOne UN1 note validator (stacker 600)
13 C-070104-000 Main lock (straight latch)
14 A-VM0004 Showcase
15 AM-1305 A coin box
16 16a HP-H134 Hopper CD MIDI ccTalk top level
16b HP-C834 Hopper Discriminator II MIDI ccTalk
17 LC-L1AC Lynx card reader
18 GE-66SU-000A AL66 S coin acceptor
19 DM0-AM02-Z00 Hopper support
20 DM0-AM03-Z00 Coins inlet chute
21 DM0-AM01-Z00 Dispensing compartment
22 DM0-AC01-Z00 Dispenser core
23 A-VM0005 additional hopper support
24 DM0-AC02-Z00 Dispenser cover
25 DM0-AS10-Z00 Coin sorter duct
26 DM0-AS11-Z00 Coin sorter plate
27 EP-1P0C Dispensing motor
28 DM0-AS06-100 Coin exit door support
29 S-100232-00I Coin exit door
30 DM0-AS01-Z00 Locking bars protection
31 DM0-AS02-Z00 Upper locking bar
32 DM0-AS03-Z00 Lower locking bar
33 DM0-AS05-I00 Coins exit container
34 DM0-AC11-I00 Centering unit wheels fixing
35 DM0-AC12-I00 Centering unit insert
36 SE-VR7S Variant 3 ways coin sorter
37 AA-0703 Coin sorter support
38 S-031108-000 Dispensing motors wiring
39 SH-1V41-0010 ChangeOne VMG 5″ control board
40 DM0-SP01-V06 Enjoy door
41 PN-MD0T-0000 Vandal proof button with illuminated ring
42 PM-M186 MP17 electronic RGB led socket 12V
43 S-051102-00 Showcase artwork
44 44a S-051101-000 Standard adhesive artwork
44b S-051101-P00 Custom adhesive artwork
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