Coin sorters for hoppers



Intelligent 2-way sorter for Hopper Evolution II

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Designed as a specific accessory for the Evolution II Hopper, CD2 S allows to separate the processed coins through 2-sorting paths.

  • Intelligent sorter with ARM 32 bit microprocessor
  • Optic detectors in each path check the allocation of the coins
  • It constantly controls that the coins get actually sorted through the proper channels, and reports to the Evolution II Hopper
  • In case of wrong sorting, the hopper stops and warns about the malfunctioning
  • It connects by the built-in cable to the relevant socket at the side of the hopper
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Size 75x90x44,5 mm
Weight 0,098 Kg
Number of paths 2
Operating voltage +24V
Current draw 400 mA
Pin outs 8 pins SPI
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