The new portal and App Alberici ARGO are online

The new versions of the portal are available ARGO and its App, which include some important optimizations.


The operation of the App and the ARGO portal has not been changed and you can continue to manage your fleet of machines remotely as before. For a BETTER REMOTE MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE of your fleet, DON’T FORGET TO DOWNLOAD THE NEW APP FROM DEDICATED STORES.

Here are some of the main innovations introduced with the restyling:

  • Faster and more performing hosting
  • GUI optimization
  • Performance improvement
  • Higher level of security

  • Real-time display of the service status of the machines and immediate access to the settings menu

  • Introduction of new search filters and tabbed browsing (tab) for the menu

  • Improved and enriched the notifications menu: possibility to enable an alarm sound upon receipt of the push notification on your mobile device

  • Optimization of the management of cashless devices: introduced the possibility of associating RFID keys directly from enabled machines

Thanks to the app you can keep everything under control at any time and wherever you are. We continuously update and improve Argo to make it more and more performing, reliable and intuitive. This is why we regularly offer updates in order to improve your user experience with a product that is as technologically advanced as possible.

Download the app now and benefit from a universe of services always at hand!

Thank you for choosing to use the Argo portal!


Alberici Team


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