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High-speed coin acceptor that can process up to 10 coins per second. Suited for those machines that are requested to process a high number of coins per second

SV electronic coin acceptor is characterised by its innovative identification technology that allows a fast and accurate coin identification.

Thanks to its 2 magnetic sensors  and 2 optic pairs, SV coin acceptor can process up to 10 coins per second, it produces an high affordable recognition profile which assure extreme accuracy and speed in coin discrimination, as well as the systematic reject of counterfeits, even on those machines that need to count  a high number of coins per second such as casino machinery.

SV is realized with high-quality polymers to grant sturdiness and maintain optimal reading conditions.

The SV coin acceptor mount a powerful 32 bit micro controller based on ARM next-generation architecture, with 128 KB flash memory, “automotive” features, also reliable in the most critical environments. Thanks to the SPI interface this coin acceptor can support smart peripherals (for example  iS3 coin sorter). Its mechanical characteristics and the ccTalk mod. interface, enable the SV coin acceptor to be placed into any kind of gaming machine, on both existing systems and new. 


  • Innovative identification technology: 2 magnetic sensors and 2 optical detector pairs for a super fast coin discrimination
  • It supports smart peripherals (i.e. iS1 intelligent sorter), thanks to the SPI interfacing
  • Available interfaces: ccTalk mod.
  • Pulse versions programming by two dip-switch rows,Xby PC Kit
  • ARM 32 bit micro controller, 128 KB Flash memory, “automotive” features, also reliable in the most critical environments
  • Low power circuits and low power consumption
  • Waterproof treatment upon request, for outdoor use
  • Preset for mini-USB B connection socket
  • Coin funnels
  • “C” shaped support
  • Front reject support
  • Bottom reject support
  • Adapter boards for electronic coin Xors
  • Coin Xor Programming Kit
  • Universal programming Kit
  • Servo PCB MKII




Size  88,5 x 101,6 x 50,8 mm = 3½ “
Weight 161,6 gr
Power supply 12V/24 Vdc (± 5%)
Standby current draw 50 mA
Power save current draw 5 mA
Acceptance current draw max 400 mA (30ms)
Operating temperature 0°C ÷ 60° C (Humidity: 75% non cond. Vers. Standard, 95% vers.Tropicalized)
Channels available 16
Coins diameter 16 ÷ 33 mm
Coins thickness 1 ÷ 3,4 mm
Processing speed 10 coins/sec 
Interface ccTalk Italy, Pulse/ccTalk modif. (preset for MDB, SAS)
Connector ccTalk 4 pin, SPI 8 pin, IDC Pulse 10 pin, mini USB-B (option)

SV coin acceptor: introduction/reject/acceptance channels of distribution

SV assetto canali moneta

  • Manual - ENG - Programming AL66 vv. 2-3 - AL55 vv. 2-3 - AL66FG vv. 2-3
  • Documento PDF (3.04MB)
  • Download
  • Manual - ENG - SV modif. ccTalk
  • Documento PDF (1.23MB)
  • Download
  • Software
  • Documento ZIP (4.45MB)
  • v2.1.8.0 [14/07/2022]
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Via Cà Bianca, 421
40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (BO)
Tel. +39 051 944300 / Fax +39 051 944594

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