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Sector - Hopper extensions

Complete extensions for HopperOne S11 or AH4 Discriminator II.

The complete extensions for hoppers, thanks to their peculiar conformation, allow to relieve the coins weight on the chain and on the agitator of the hopper. 
These extensions of capacity are mountable on the HopperOne S11 and AH4 Discriminator II and are available in two height versions and different capacity.
When cabling includes the optical sensor, it is possible to monitor the full level of coins in the hopper.

The top inlet of the capacity extensions can be customized on demand: it is possible to choose either

  • Tilting flap, or
  • Sliding chute (easing the pouring-in of the coins)

Sector 75 - 75 mm heigh, 600 coins capacity (1€)
Sector 100 - 100 mm heigh, 800 coins capacity (1€)
Sector 175 - 175 mm heigh, 1400 coins capacity (1€)
Sector 200 - 200 mm heigh, 1600 coins capacity (1€)
Sector 225 - 225 mm heigh, 1800 coins capacity (1€)
Sector 300 - 300 mm heigh, 2400 coins capacity (1€)

  • Extension cabling of the optical sensor for the maximum level [COD. S-030212-000]
  • Tilting door
  • Swinging cover




  Sector 75 Sector 100
75x128x228 mm
100x128x228 mm
0,260 Kg
0,400 Kg

The extension for hoppers is available in the following versions:


Model Capacity Cod.
Sector 75 1B/2C 600 coins AA-0313
Sector 75 1B/2T 600 coins AA-0332
Sector 100 1B/2C 800 coins AA-0309
Sector 100 1B/2T 800 coins AA-0333
Sector 175 1C/2S 1400 coins AA-0310
Sector 175 1T/2B 1400 coins AA-0326
Sector 200 1C/2B 1600 coins AA-0311
Sector 200 1B/2C 1600 coins AA-0314
Sector 200 1T/2B 1600 coins AA-0331
Sector 225 1B/2C 1800 coins AA-0312
Sector 300 1B/2C 2400 coins AA-0315
B - Sliding chute top
C - Cover top
S - Flap top
T - Plug top

On demand and according to needs, it is possible to choose the cover type (swinging or tilting) to mount on the extension and its position.


Ask for information

Via Cà Bianca, 421
40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (BO)
Tel. +39 051 944300 / Fax +39 051 944594

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