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PL - Illuminated push-button
J   - Jumbo
3J - Rectangular shape

This new line stands out for its giant size which improves tactile feedback and enhances visibility. The first-choice materials in fact have been designed specifically to obtain a uniform and bright illumination.

For this type of push-buttons we have purposely conceived a decaL.E.D. PCB that thanks also to the spherical shape of the refractor convey and spread bright illumination evenly across the button lens.

As an option, all Jumbo push-buttons can be provided, under the plate, with a group of L.E.D. (basic board) directly controlled by the machine board. Differently, if fitted with optional microprocessor circuit board (full board), they can produce 4 different illumination patterns.  Moreover, it is possible to synchronize up to 32 push-buttons producing glittering captivating effects that help the machine to stick out among others.

This new series also stands out for its mounting innovative solution: each push-button can be in fact installed, of your choosing, as Standard profile as well as Low profile.

  • decaL.E.D. PCB constant brightness located under the lens plate
  • 24 variable light intensity L.E.Ds produce 4 different illumination patterns
  • 4 different illumination patterns can operate independently; preferred option can be Xed by dip-switch setting
  • Possibility to synchronize up to 32 push-buttons
  • Power supply: 12Vdc to processor circuit board; 12/24Vdc to all L.E.Ds
  • Transparency and “soft touch”, thanks to the special Samsung® polycarbonate and to moulds designed on purpose
  • Patented bayonet quick-coupling: assembling of Led/Switch-holder and maintenance made easy
  • Basic Board
  • Full Board
  • 10-L.E.D. PCB
  • Customized serigraphy


Jumbo rettangolo - quota



Push-button Series Board Model Plate colour Core colour Support colour Socket model
PL J x 3J x 6 x 6

Code to be completed according to the following charts:

Board Without board 0
Basic board 1
Full Board 2
Plate WHITE 1
WHITE + text E
Core BLACK 6
Support BLUE 5
Socket STANDARD with 12V PCB decaLED  6
  • Scheda Dati - Data Sheet - PL-Jx3J
  • Documento PDF (744.16kB)
  • Download
  • PL-Jumbo generic data sheet - scheda generale
  • Documento PDF (1.01MB)
  • Download
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40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (BO)
Tel. +39 051 944300 / Fax +39 051 944594

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