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OryOne UN1

Sturdy and reliable note validator with 300 or 600 banknote stacker. It provides a very high acceptance rate for banknotes up to 83 mm width

The OryOne UN1 Note Validator has been developed to grant an excellent Xivity, a remarkable speed validation, high security levels, a simple use and handy maintenance.
Equipped with a stacker (to stack up to 600 banknotes), OryOne UN1 provides a very high acceptance rate, together with a remarkable security grade against fraud attempts. It can communicate through different protocol interfaces so as to be mounted on several kind of machines. Its faceplate is illuminated with iridescent coloured lights by RGB Led to enliven the insertion slot.
The solid structure and all materials used grant an high resistance and a long lifetime.

  • Protocol interface: ccTalk, Pulse, MDB or SAS, programmable by dip-switch set up
  • Removable stacker to stock up to 300 or 600 pieces
  • Efficient ant-fishing device to prevent fraud attempts
  • Acceptance rate > 95% (acceptance tolerance can be changed by setting the dip-switch row)
  • The bill is driven by silicone rollers, so as to provide high security against break-ins
  • Validation speed: 2 seconds, in any of the 4 insertion directions 
  • Compatible banknotes: up to 83 mm width
  • It can be programmed in several values
  • Validation by IR spectroscopies and chromatic sensors to combine VHR transparency-based scanning techniques to reflection-based detection systems
  • One-touch automatic buttons provide prompt release from bracket or comfortable access to internal parts
  • Easily updating thanks to the Programming Kit/USB
  • Front-plates
  • Interface for note validator 
  • 6 OUT Adapter board [AL031D]
  • Calibration card
  • Universal Programming Kit [K-P1C-000009]
  • USB Kit [K-P2C-000003]
  • 300 pieces stacker
  • 600 pieces stacker


oryone UN1 quote


Size (l x h x p/d) and Weight

with 300 pieces stacker 120 x 231,7 x 198 mm / 1,434 Kg

with 600 pieces stacker 120 x 231,7 x 238 mm / 1,507 Kg

Power supply +24V (+/- 5%)
Current draw 250 mA (stand-by) - 500 mA (oper., max 1,2 Amp)
Banknote size (width)  standard version 62 - 83 mm / dollar version 67 mm
Operating temperature 0°C - 50 °C  (without condensation)
Validation speed approx. 2 sec (any of 4 directions)
Stacker capacity 300 or 600 banknotes
Interface ccTalk / Pulse / MDB / SAS
Acceptance rate > 95%
Scan technology VHR transparency and reflection (IR and colour sensors),magnetic sensor (opzioni)

OryOne UN1 note validator is available in different versions, depending on the interface: 

300 pieces stacker:

ccTalk / Pulse LB-MU02
MDB / ccTalk / Pulse LB-MM02
Sensore Magnetico Universale LB-MU12
Sensore Magnetico Dollari LB-MU16

600 pieces stacker:

ccTalk / Pulse LB-MU03
MDB / ccTalk / Pulse LB-MM03
Sensore Magnetico Universale LB-MU13
Sensore Magnetico Dollari LB-MU17
  • Manual - ENG - OryOne UN1 ARM 3
  • Documento PDF (975.71kB)
  • Manual - ENG - OryOne UN1 ARM 2 quick guide
  • Documento PDF (1.04MB)
  • Software - Upgrader BillyOne/OryOne
  • Documento ZIP (820.43kB)
  • v2.6.0.1 [30/11/2020]
  • Firmware - BillyOne/OryOne
  • Documento ALB (1.49MB)
  • [02/02/2021]
  • Instructions - ENG - BillyOne/OryOne update
  • Documento PDF (1.11MB)
  • Download
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Via Cà Bianca, 421
40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (BO)
Tel. +39 051 944300 / Fax +39 051 944594

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