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Thanks to its 4 hoppers, Land CM allows to change banknotes and coins to 4 different denominations. This flexible money changer can be set to distribute different types of tokens or coins or a mix of tokens and change. As an additional option, it can even return banknotes. Ideal for amusement park, laundries, vending shops, car washes, and for any location wherein change to different types of tokens and/or coin denominations is necessary.

  • Stainless steel cabinet and theft-proof lock with 5 hooks to grant high security standards
  • Front latch and padlock allow to place the machine everywhere, even close to other machines
  • Easy installation and maintenance thanks to the self-configuring p.c. board which connects automatically to the built-in peripherals
  • Enhanced usability thanks to its 5” graphic display
  • Note validator and note recycler unit to dispense banknotes as change (optional)

Capacity: up to 7.200 mixed coins (1.800 coins capacity for each of the 4 hoppers if combined with hopper extensions Sector 75 with sliding chute to ease the pouring-in of the coins). Stacked banknotes capacity up to 600.​​​​



  • 5” graphic display, with anti-breach plexiglass
  • ChangeOne CMG self-configuring p.c board connecting automatically to the built-in peripherals. Serial ccTalk protocol grants high security standards
  • AL66 S Electronic coin Xor, with magnetic sensors and optical detector to assure extreme accuracy in coin discrimination as well as counterfeits rejection; also with optic pairs and mechanical devices against fishing, fraud and tamper
  • Vandal-proof RGB push-buttons with service status color illumination
  • 4 dispensing hoppers: 4 single-denomination belt-driven HopperOne S11
  • Sector 75 hopper extensions with optical sensor, to monitor the full level of coins in the hopper
  • Armoured cabinet and theft-proof lock with 5 equidistant reinforced hooks and solid inner bar. Front latch and padlock allow to place the machine everywhere, even close to other machines
  • OryOne UN1 note validator with stacker and anti-stringing device, 300 stackable banknotes. As an alternative, OryOne UN1 note validator with stacker and anti-stringing device 600 stackable banknotes; or BillyOne UN1 note validator with anti-stringing device; or VEGA-RC2 note validator capable to recycle up to 60 banknotes (2 denominations) and to stack 300; or VEGA-RC which recycles 30 banknotes (1 denomination) and stacks 300.
  • Standard or custom-made artwork. Made in vinyl floor decals



  • Paying out different combinations of tokens and coins, up to 4 different denominations
  • Easy managing of back-change with different money or banknotes denominations
  • Manual or automatic distribution of coins
  • Possibility to check service status of peripheral units
  • Manual refill made simple; smart control of reserve stock
  • Easy managing and display of accounting parameters
  • All settings can be customized by the unit Owner/Operator
  • GPRS - GSM - GPS (Geo-detection and tracking) Module Kit
  • GPRS-GSM Module kit
  • ARGO – Telemetry System for Remote control (if combined with the GPRS - GSM - GPS Module Kit)
  • Keeper illuminated topper
  • Keypad for menu configuration
  • Custom-made artwork
  • Universal programming kit
  • Rielda re-programmable lock
  • Coin collection bin
  • Free-standing support
  • Wall-mount slab




547 x 810 x 360 mm 
Weight 55,5 kg (82 kg with floor-stand)
Voltage 110 - 230 Vca | 50 Hz
Nominal power 340 W
Operation temperature 0°C ÷ 50°C
Installation Wall-mount or with floor-stand
Recycled coins capacity Up to 7.200 mixed coins
Stackered banknotes capacity Up to 600
Recycled banknotes capacity Up to 60 (2 denominations)
Power supply unit Power switching 340 W
Control board ChangeOne CMG 128K + display LCD 5"



Spare Parts


LAND - esploso


1   MT0-MB01-V06 Unit core (w/o periph. units)
2   MT0-AM16-V06 Wall-mount slab
3   MT0-AM10-I00 VEGA inlet
4   P-AM0702-10T Unit core (w/o periph. units)
5 5a A-CM0057 RD-125 Power Unit with bracket
5b AE-0806 RD-125 Power Unit 
6   AA-0145 P3 Hub board
7   S-030501-000 10p flat cable 
8 8a S-030189-000 OryOne UN1 wire harness
8b S-030182-000 VEGA wire harness
9 9a LB-MU02 OryOne UN1 note validator with 300 banknotes staker
9b LB-MU03 OryOne UN1 note validator with 600 banknotes staker
9c LB-MC0E-0100 VEGA note validator
9c.1 AA-2001 VEGA-RC recycling unit
9c.2 AA-0210 VEGA-RC2 recycling unit
10 10a MT0-AS14-I00 OryOne UN1 support bracket
10b MT0-AM11-Z00 VEGA support bracket
11    MT0-AM03-Z00 Plastic coin box holder
12   AM-1305 "A" coin box 
13   IM-N000-0L10 PP inner bracket for coin acceptor
14   C-070104-000 Main lock (straight latch)
15   K-02C-020074 HopperOne S11 ccTalk with Sector 75 extension
16   MT0-AS04-Z00 Coin pipe
17 17a MT0-AS11-I00 Control board + OryOne UN1 + coin acceptor panel
17b MT0-AS12-I00 Control board + Payter + coin acceptor panel
17c  MT0-AS17-I00 Control board + coin acceptor + printer panel
18   GE-66SU AL66 S mod. ccTalk electronic coin acceptor
19   SH-1D41 CMG electronic control board (5" blue display)
20   MT0-AS02-Z00 Upper locking bar
21   MT0-AS03-Z00 Lower locking bar
22   MT0-AS21-I00 Valine closing plate
23   MT0-AS19-I00 CHANGE panel
24   MT0-AS01-Z00 Bracket closing plate
25   MT0-AS05-Z00 Cash coin tube
26   MT0-AS06-I00 Coins casing
27   MT0-AS10-I00 Lights support
28   S-100230-00T Coin door
29   MT0-SP01-V06 Door
30   AA-0181-0600 Free-standing support
31   MT0-AM08-Z00 3 hoppers support bracket
32   MT0-AM09-Z00 3 hoppers side plate
33   PN-MD0T-0000 Vandal-proof push-button with ill. ring (w/o socket)
34   PM-M186 RGB L.E.D. mini electronic socket 
35   TL-46S1 Keeper illuminated topper
36 36a AA-0175 GPRS-GSM-GPS / Wi-Fi Module Kit - Pin Aerial model
36b AA-0172 GPRS-GSM-GPS / Wi-Fi Module Kit - Disk Aerial model
36c AA-0173 GPRS-GSM Hermes Module Kit - Pin Aerial model
36d AA-0170 GPRS-GSM Hermes Module Kit - Disk Aerial model
36e AA-0174 Wi-Fi Hermes Module Kit - Pin Aerial model
36f AA-0171 Wi-Fi Hermes Module Kit - Disk Aerial model
37 37a S-050161-000 Standard adhesive artwork
37b S-050161-P00 Custom-made adhesive artwork
38   C-140102 POS terminal
  • Manual - ENG - Land VPOS
  • Documento PDF (3.38MB)
  • Download
  • Firmware CMG Land ITA-ENG-DEU Euro
  • Documento ALB (177.42kB)
  • Download
  • Firmware CMG Land UK
  • Documento ALB (158.89kB)
  • Download
  • Firmware CMG Land ITA-FRA-DEU Euro
  • Documento ALB (177.60kB)
  • Download
  • Firmware CMG Land CHF
  • Documento ALB (178.72kB)
  • Download
Other files
  • Nayax POS Config specs
  • Documento PDF (140.35kB)
  • Download
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40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (BO)
Tel. +39 051 944300 / Fax +39 051 944594

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