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Hira 2 Maxi CM is a compact single compartment cabinet, versatile and highly reliable, whose Sector hopper modular extensions grant plentiful capacity. When equipped with Payter® RFID device, Hira 2 Maxi CM allows to change banknotes and coins, as well as to support RFID contactless transaction, for faster cashless payments. To guarantee high-security standard, Hira 2 Maxi CM is also endowed with a strong anti-intrusion bar.

  • 5" graphic display
  • Self-configuring p.c. board connecting automatically to the built-in peripherals. Serial ccTalk protocol grants high security standards
  • 3 RGB push-buttons with service status color illumination: two for the manual change Xion and one to choose the language
  • 2 dispensing single-denomination belt-driven hoppers HopperOne S11. As alternative 2 multi-denomination Hopper AH4 Discriminator II (optional)
  • Capacity up to 7.200 mixed coins, thanks to Sector 300 hopper extension with optic detection of full/empty state
  • Note validator: BillyOne Un1. As an alternative note validator OryOne Un1 with stacker (option)
  • Electronic coin Xor AL66 S, with magnetic sensors and optical detector to assure extreme accuracy in coin discrimination as well as counterfeits rejection; also with optic pairs and mechanical devices against fishing, fraud and tamper
  • Anti-intrusion bar to increase security against breaking attempts



  • Manual or automatic dispensing of coins
  • Possibility to inspect peripherals' service status
  • Facilitated manual refill and reserve stock control
  • Easy managing and display of accounting parameters
  • All settings can be customized by the unit Owner/Operator
  • GPRS - GSM - GPS (Geo-detection and tracking) Module Kit
  • GPRS-GSM Module kit
  • ARGO – Telemetry System for Remote control [only if combined with one of Module Kits]
  • Keeper illuminated topper
  • Floor-stand with shelf
  • Wall-mount slab
  • Keyboard for menu configuration
  • Universal programming kit






Size 405 x 765 x 402 mm
Weight 35 Kg (55 Kg with floor-stand)
Voltage 110 - 230 Vac | 50 Hz
Nominal power 340 W
Operation temperature 0°C ÷ 50°C
Installation Wall-mount, desk-mount, or optional floor-standing
Recycled coins capacity Up to 7.200
Stackered banknotes capacity Up to 300 (with OryOne UN1)
Power supply unit Power switching 340 W
Spare Parts




1   HRS-001A-V06 Unit core  (w/o Per. units)
2   P-AM0702-10T P3 Paper holder
3   AA-0163 Free-standing support
4 4a A-CM0050 RD-125 Power unit with bracket
4b AE-0806 RD-125 Power box 
5 5a AA-0175 GPRS-GSM-GPS / Wi-Fi Module Kit - Pin Aerial model
5b AA-0172 GPRS-GSM-GPS / Wi-Fi Module Kit - Disk Aerial model
5c AA-0173 GPRS-GSM Hermes Module Kit - Pin Aerial model
5d AA-0170 GPRS-GSM Hermes Module Kit - Disk Aerial model
5e AA-0174 Wi-Fi Hermes Module Kit - Pin Aerial model
5f AA-0171 Wi-Fi Hermes Module Kit - Disk Aerial model
6   S-030212-000 Full level cable for capacity extension
7   S-030183-010 Hira 2 Maxi wire harness
8   AA-0315 Sector 300 1B/2C capacity extension
9 9a K-02C-020003 HopperOne S11 ccTalk + 10p adaptor
9b K-02C-040016 Hopper AH4 Discriminator II ccTalk + 10p adaptor
10   HRS-002A-Z00 Coin funnel
11   HRS-011A-Z00 Metal coin box
12 12a LB-LU01 BillyOne UN1 note validator
12b LB-MU02 OryOne UN1 note validator
13   GE-66SU AL66 S mod. ccTalk coin acceptor
14   IM-N000-0L10 PP inner bracket for coin acceptor
15 15a HRS-060A-I00 POS + OryOne UN1 support plate
15b HRS-061A-I00 POS + BillyOne UN1 + coin acceptor support plate
15c HRD-AC04-I00 POS + ACS card and key RW module support plate
15d HRX-AC01-I00 OryOne UN1 + coin acceptor support plate
15e HRX-AC02-I00 BillyOne UN1 + coin acceptor support plate
15f HRS-064A-I00 BillyOne UN1 support plate
15g HRS-065A-I00 OryOne UN1+ coin acceptor + ACS support plate
16   SH-1D41-0010 CMG electronic control board (5" blue graphic display)
17   AM-1509 Safety lock Flat Key
18   HRS-009A-Z00 Locking bar
19   HRS-008A-Z00 Lock pin
20   HRX-SP01-B06 Hira 2 Maxi door 
21   CH-CC01 ACS card and key RW module
22   PL-MK21-ET60 Illuminated push-button Halo miniature 21 (no light core)
23   PM-M186 RGB L.E.D. electronic socket 
24   HRP-005A-V06 Anti-intrusion steel bar
25   C-140102 POS terminal
  • Manual - ENG - Hira 2 Midi Maxi 5" VPOS
  • Documento PDF (2.38MB)
  • Download
  • Manual - ENG - Hira 2 Mini Midi Maxi
  • Documento PDF (3.21MB)
  • Download
  • Manual - ENG - Hira 2 Mini Midi Maxi VPOS
  • Documento PDF (1.53MB)
  • Download
  • Software - Upgrader (control boards and hoppers)
  • Documento ZIP (1.15MB)
  • [10/11/2021] v6.7.0.2
  • Firmware - Control board CMS Freescale
  • Documento ALB (141.82kB)
  • Download
  • Firmware - Control board CMS Payter
  • Documento ALB (136.19kB)
  • Firmware - Control Board CMS Arm 1
  • Documento ALB (178.65kB)
  • Download
  • Firmware - Control Board CMS Arm 2
  • Documento ALB (185.17kB)
  • Download
Other files
  • Nayax POS Config specs
  • Documento PDF (140.35kB)
  • Download
  • Hopper removal
  • Documento PDF (340.51kB)
  • Download
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Via Cà Bianca, 421
40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (BO)
Tel. +39 051 944300 / Fax +39 051 944594

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