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  • Apex CM

    All APEX performances and reliability in its money changer version! Concrete and 100% made in Italy results for your business. Capacity: 5.600 mixed. Discover details
  • Land CM

    The most versatile money changer, providing the widest variety of denominations (tokens, coins or banknotes). Capacity: up to 7.200 coins/tokens and 600 banknotes. Discover details
  • Up CM

    The versatile Money-Changer with high performance. Capacity: up to 5600 mixed coins. Discover details
  • Pocket CM

    Compact, user-friendly and strongbox-like, changes banknotes into several denomination. Capacity: up to 4.000 coins Discover details
  • Hira 2 Maxi CM

    Large-capacity and versatile Money Changer; desk-, wall-mount or free-standing Capacity: up to 7.200 mixed coins Discover details
  • Hira 2 Midi CM

    Large-capacity and versatile Money Changer; desk-mount, wall-mount or free-standing. Capacity: up to 5.600 coins Discover details
  • Hira 2 Mini CM

    Compact and roomy Money Changer, changes banknotes into two denomination coins or tokens, or token plus back change. Capacity: up to 4.000 coins. Discover details
  • Hira 1 CM

    Compact Money Changer, it can change banknotes into one or three denomination coins. Capacity: up to 2.000 coins Discover details
  • Pin CM

    The discreet column Money-Changer, for high-level performance. Capacity: 2.800 mixed coins Discover details
  • Hammer 1 CM

    Changes banknotes into one, two or three denomination coins in only 26 cm width. Capacity: 2.600 coins Discover details
  • Spike CM

    The tiniest column Money-Changer. Capacity: 2.000 mixed coins Discover details
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Via Cà Bianca, 421
40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (BO)
Tel. +39 051 944300 / Fax +39 051 944594

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