Enjoy is the multifunction dispenser designed to deliver any type of boxed product in the classic 88x55x23 mm format.
The internal space hosts 8 distribution racks, and allows to store up to 160 products in a minimum overall volume. It can be installed on the wall or on a free-standing support; Enjoy is the ideal distributor for smoke shops, pharmacies, automatic shops and in general any guarded or unguarded outlet.
  • OryOneUN1 note validator with stacker and anti-stringing device, 300 stackable banknotes; or OryOne UN1 note validator with 600 banknotes stacker
  • AL66 S electronic coin selector, with magnetic sensors and optical detectors for careful coin discrimination and counterfeits rejection
  • Hopper CD single denomination disk-driven hopper with opto-sensor for low and top level detection of available coins; or Discriminator II multi-denomination disk-driven hopper
  • Stainless steel cabinet and theft-proof lock with 5 hooks to grant high security standards
  • Optimized space and reduced size
  • Serial ccTalk protocol to grant high security standards
  • Self-configuring p.c. board which connects automatically to the built-in peripherals
  • Identity reader for verification of age 
  • Enhanced usability for programming and for control operations thanks to its vandal-proof 5” graphic display
  • Up to 4 different product varieties
  • LED illuminated showcase
  • Quick maintenance and supply without the need for intervention by specialized personnel
  • Straight dispense from motor to collect shank
  • Dispenses up to 4 different boxed products
  • Visualization of the status of peripheral devices on the display
  •  Easy management of product loading
  • Management and visualization of numerous accounting parameters on display
  • Customizable settings
  • GPRS - GSM - GPS (Geo-detection and tracking) Module Kit
  • ARGO – Telemetry System for Remote control (if combined with the GPRS - GSM - GPS Module Kit)
  • Keeper illuminated topper
  • Keypad for menu configuration
  • Reader for cashless or card payments
  • Custom-made artwork
  • Universal programming kit
  • Free-standing support
  • Wall-mount slab




550x860x370 mm (w/o floor-stand)
Weight 82,4  kg (126,8 kg with floor-stand)
Voltage 110 - 230 Vca | 50 Hz
Nominal power 340 W
Operation temperature 0°C ÷ 50°C
Installation Wall-mount or with floor-stand
Recycled coins capacity Up to 1000 mixed coins
Stackered banknotes capacity Up to 300
Power supply unit Power switching 340 W
Control board ChangeOne CMG 128K + display LCD 5"
Number of selections Up to 4 different product varieties
Product capacity Up to 160


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Via Cà Bianca, 421
40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (BO)
Tel. +39 051 944300 / Fax +39 051 944594

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