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Designed to be placed above a game machine, this tower light warns about the state of the unit, enriching  it at the same time with attractive light effects. The luminescent different colors can be associated to various machine status (e.g. game in progress, winning stroke, stand-by mode, service required, empty hoppers, etc.), or they can simply attract players by their glittering effects.

Elliptic-base tower lights are available in 1, 2 or 3 tiers; combinations can be chosen among red, yellow, green, blue, clear and opal lenses.

Single-level tower lights combined with clear or opal lenses offer the possibility to house an RGB L.E.D. so as to create changing and multicolored light effects.


  • High-intensity, energy-saving, efficient  L.E.D.s
  • The lenses and the chassis are molded in heat-resistant polymers
  • Chrome or black frame available
  • Easy installation on top of the game machine and quick connection through its 4-pins socket
  • Vandal-proof assembly supported when secured from the inside of the game machine


torretta ellisse quote



Weight 0,104 kg (1 tier) - 0,134 kg (2 tiers) - 0,200 kg (3 tiers)
Voltage 12 Vdc
Current draw
White Leds: 75 mA (1 tier) - 150 mA (2 tiers) - 225 mA (3 tiers); 
RGB Led: 105 mA max
Brightness 180 lumen each tier

Combinations can be chosen among red, yellow, green, blue, clear and opal lenses.

RGB L.E.D. light available only with 1 tier version combined with clear and opal lenses.

Chrome or black frame available.  By way of example, find below codes for the products shown in the pictures: 


3 tiers -  green, yellow and red lenses TW-51C1-4320
2 tiers - clear and blue lenses TW-51C1-T500
1 tier clear lens and RGB L.E.D. TW-51C3-T000
  • Tower Lights - Instructions
  • Documento PDF (414.46kB)
  • Download
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