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Adhesive artworks

Adhesive artworks for Cross-Changers, Money Changers, Token distributors and Activation Systems. Custom-made as option.

All artworks are realized in vinyl floor decal, so as to give a pleasant and attractive look to the machines and to guarantee a quality and durable material. 

  • Customization with logo and corporate colours as option
  • Artworks are available for Cross-Changers, Money Changers, Activation Systems and Tokens Distributors

The following machines are available with Standard or Custom-made artworks:

Cross-Changers artworks Standard  Customized
Trendy CC artwork S-050137-000 S-050137-P00
Twyn 2.0 artwork S-050123-010 S-050123-P10
Pocket CC artwork S-050125-000 S-050125-P00
Up CC artwork S-050134-000 S-050134-P00
Pin CC artwork S-050132-000 S-050132-P00
Spike CC artwork S-050128-000 S-050128-P00
Hammer 1 CC (Vega RC-1) artwork S-050102-000 S-050102-P00
Hammer 1 CC (Vega RC-2) artwork S-050106-000 S-050106-P00
Hammer 1 CC (MD100) artwork S-050104-000 S-050104-P00
Hammer 1 CC (iPRO) artwork S-050105-000 S-050105-P00
Hammer 1 CC (BtoB60) artwork S-050103-000 S-050103-P00
Hira CC artwork S-050127-000 S-050127-P00
Money Changers artworks Standard  Customized
Trendy CM artwork S-050138-000 S-050138-P00
Pocket CM artwork S-050126-000 S-050126-P00
Up CM artwork S-050133-000 S-050133-P00
Pin CM artwork S-050131-000 S-050131-P00
Spike CM artwork S-050129-000 S-050129-P00
Big Change artwork S-050135-000 S-050135-P00
Dry Change artwork S-050113-000 S-050113-P00
Activation system artwork Standard Customized
Grafica Hydro Jet S-050119-000 S-050119-P00
Grafica Big Start S-050136-000 S-050136-P00
Grafica Start Track S-050112-000 S-050112-P00
Tokens distributors Standard Customized
Cash One Zio Vito artwork S-050115-000 S-050115-P00
Cash One Alex artwork S-050114-000 S-050114-P00
Cash One Alex Console artwork S-050117-000 S-050117-P00
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Via Cà Bianca, 421
40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (BO)
Tel. +39 051 944300 / Fax +39 051 944594

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