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Hopper S11

Single denomination belt-driven hopper. Compatible coins with diameter from 16 to 32 mm and 1,7-4,1 thickness. Capacity: 1.200 coins. Speed: 240 coins/min

Hopper S11, with an efficient belt-driven system, provides excellent and long-lasting performances. The specific output sensor reading mode provides excellent counting accuracy and protects the sensor against frauds and cheat attempts.

Moreover it has been added the powerful ARM microprocessor inside: it guarantees great performances not only in terms of security, but also precision and counting speed along with a very low energy consumption. The circuit board has been purposely designed in 4-layer structure, in order to prevent magnetic and electrostatic interferences. 

Available in Standard or Reverse version.

  • Powerful ARM microprocessor with a circuit board purposely designed in 4-layer structure
  • Excellent security standard thanks to the new wiring, endowed with an inductive filter to screen the circuit from possible interferences
  • Efficient mechanical anti-hollows agitator
  • Anti-jamming system and clearance auto-reverse device
  • ccTalk or Pulse serial protocol, 24V
  • Available from Aes 256 D.H. to 1024 D.H. encryption protocol (Comma 6A requirements)
  • Opto-sensor pairs for low- and top-level detection
  • Sound sliding metal plate for easy mount
  • Capacity: 1.200 coins
  • High-performance gear-motor set
  • Expected lifetime: more than 10M payouts
  • Interchangeable with other universal hoppers
  • Libra S11 electronic scale
  • 10p adapter for ccTalk HopperOne S11  [AA-0301]
  • 10p adapter for ccTalk HopperOne S11 + Mini USB [AA-0304]
  • Sector – Hopper extension




Interface ccTalk, Aes 256DH ÷ Aes 1024 D.H. (intercheangeable) - Pulse/ccTalk modif. 
Speed 240 coins/min
Capacity 1.200 coins
Coins diameter 21 ÷ 32 mm or 16 ÷ 24 mm upon request
Coins thickness 1,7 ÷ 4,1 mm
Operating voltage 24 Vdc
Current draw 1,2 A
Operating temperature 0°C ÷ 50°C
Humidity 20% ÷ 75%
Weight 2 Kg

HopperOne S11 is available in two versions, depending on related position between pin outs and coins way-out: in the Standard version they are opposite; in the Reverse one they are on the same side.

  HopperOne S11 Std HopperOne S11 Reverse
Opto 24Vdc ccTalk | Crypto AeS, DH256 HP-Z11K HP-ZA1K
Opto 24Vdc ccTalk HP-Z114 HP-ZA14
Opto 24Vdc Pulse HP-Z112 HP-ZA12
Opto 24Vdc ccTalk with 10pin adaptor            
(21 ÷ 2 mm) 
K-02C-020003 K-02C-020004
Opto 24Vdc ccTalk with 10pin adaptor             (16 ÷ 24 mm) K-02C-020063 K-02C-020064
  • Manual - ENG - HopperOne S11 cctalk
  • Documento PDF (4.07MB)
  • Download
  • Manuale - ENG - HopperOne S11 Pulse
  • Documento PDF (932.30kB)
  • Download
  • Software - Upgrader (control boards and hoppers)
  • Documento ZIP (1.15MB)
  • [10/11/2021] v6.7.0.2
  • Firmware - Hopper CD S11 KID
  • Documento ALB (286.51kB)
  • [03/11/2021]
  • Instruction - ENG - Hopper update
  • Documento PDF (680.63kB)
  • Download
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40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (BO)
Tel. +39 051 944300 / Fax +39 051 944594

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