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Hopper Kid

Single denomination belt-driven compact hopper. Compatible coins with diameter from 16 to 32 mm and thickness 1,7 – 4,1 mm. Capacity: 800 coins – Speed: 240 coins/min

Hopper Kid is a compact hopper with an efficient belt-driven system. It provides an excellent counting accuracy and a significant resistance against frauds and cheat attempts. Available in Standard or Reverse version.

  • Efficient mechanical anti-hollows agitator
  • Anti-jamming system and clearance auto-reverse device
  • ccTalk or Pulse protocol, 24 V
  • Available with Aes 256 D.H. to Aes 1024 D.H. encryption protocol (Comma 6A Plus requirements)
  • Opto-sensor pairs for low- and top-level detection (ccTalk version), or sensor plates (Pulse version)
  • Sound sliding metal plate for easy mount
  • Capacity: 800 coins
  • High-performance gear-motor set
  • Expected life:  more than 7M payouts
  • Libra S11 electronic scale
  • 10 pins for ccTalk Hopper adaptor 
  • 10 pins for ccTalk Hopper adaptor + mini USB 


hopper kid quote 2020


Interface ccTalk, Aes 256 D.H. ÷ Aes 1024 D.H. (intercheangeable), Pulse/ccTalk modif. 
Speed 240 coins/min
Capacity 800 coins
Coins diameter 21 ÷ 32 mm, or 16 ÷ 24 mm (upon request)
Coins thickness 1,7 ÷ 4,1 mm
Operating voltage 24 Vdc
Current draw 1 A
Operating current draw 400 mA
Operating temperature 0°C ÷ 50°C
Humidity 20% ÷ 75%
Weight 1,6 Kg

Hopper Kid is available in two versions, depending on related position between pin outs and coins way out: in Standard version they are opposite; in Reverse one they are on the same side.

  Hopper Kid Std Hopper Kid Reverse
Opto 24Vdc ccTalk Crypto AeS, DH256 HP-L11K HP-LA1K
Opto 24Vdc ccTalk  HP-L114 HP-LA14
Opto 24Vdc Pulse HP-L112 HP-LA12
Opto 24 Vdc ccTalk with 10 pin adaptor (Ø coins 21 ÷ 32 mm) K-02C-020014 K-02C-020015
Opto 24 Vdc ccTalk with 10 pin adaptor (Ø coins 16 ÷ 24 mm) K-02C-020068 K-02C-020069
  • Manual-ENG-Hopper-Kid-std-Pulse
  • Documento PDF (789.69kB)
  • Manual-ENG-Hopper-Kid-cctalk
  • Documento PDF (914.54kB)
  • Download
  • Software - Upgrader (control boards and hoppers)
  • Documento ZIP (1.15MB)
  • [10/11/2021] v6.7.0.2
  • Firmware - Hopper CD S11 KID
  • Documento ALB (286.51kB)
  • [03/11/2021]
  • Instruction - ENG - Hopper update
  • Documento PDF (680.63kB)
  • Download
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40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (BO)
Tel. +39 051 944300 / Fax +39 051 944594

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