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Electronic coin acceptor with advanced anti-fraud systems, inductive optical sensor and mechanic security protections. Undisputed quality and flexibility thanks to 4 available mechanic configurations.

AL66 electronic coin acceptor has been designed with a specific architecture devoted to ccTalk serial protocol, and likewise efficient when provided in any among the several programmable standard modes. 

Thanks to its 6 magnetic sensors, and 2 optic pairs, as well as to innovative recognition techniques, it produces 13 sampling parameters (12 dynamic) which assure extreme accuracy in coin discrimination, as well as the systematic reject of counterfeits. 
AL66 is realized with high-quality polymers to grant sturdiness and maintain optimal reading conditions.

AL66 is suitable for all machines in amusement industry, as well as self-service stations such as automatic distributors of products and services.

The "Italy" ccTalk version can be easily switched to AES D.H. 256

  • Innovative coin detection technologies: 6 magnetic sensors and 2 optic pairs and 13 identification parameters (12 dynamic)
  • High security level: 4 sequential optic pairs and 2 mechanical devices (wire-cutter and thread-ripper) to protect against frauds and tampers
  • Available interface: ccTalk Italy, ccTalk crypto Aes DH 256 ÷ 1024 (intercheangeable), Pulse/ccTalk modif.
  • Programming by two dip-switch rows,Xby Kit for PC
  • 16 programming channels can ensure extraordinary versatility
  • ARM 32 bit micro processor, 128KB flash memory, “automotive” features, reliable even in the most critical environments
  • Low power circuits produce low power consumption
  • Coin funnels
  • “C” shaped support
  • Spanish NU support
  • Front coin slots
  • Vertical coin slots
  • Adapter boards for electronic coin Xors
  • Coin Xor Programming Kit
  • Universal programming Kit
  • Tropicalization



Size (l x h x d) 88 x 102 x 54 mm = 3½ “
Weigh  203 gr
Power Supply 12V/24 Vdc (±5%)
Standby current draw 25 mA
Power save current draw 5 mA
Acceptance current draw max 350 mA (30ms)
Operating temperature 0°C ÷ 60°C (Humidity: 75% Standard | 95% Tropicalized)
Mechanical versions V, S, I
Channels available 16
Coins diameter 16 ÷ 32 mm
Coins thickness 1 ÷ 3,4 mm
Processing speed 3 coins/sec (V) | 4 coins/sec (S, I)
Interface ccTalk Italy, ccTalk crypto Aes DH 256 ÷ 1024 (intercheangeable), Pulse/ccTalk modif., MDB
Connector ccTalk 4 pins, IDC Pulse 10 pins
Outputs Max 250 mA/50V (OC, active low)
Inputs Active high 3 Vdc/50 Vdc

AL66 is available in 3 versions, depending on introduction/reject/acceptance channels distribution:

AL66FG-AL66-AL55 assetto canali moneta

  AL66 V AL66 S AL66 I
Aes 256 DH GE-66VK GE-66SK GE-66IK
ccTalk Italy GE-66VC GE-66SC GE-66IC
Pulse / ccTalk mod.  GE-66VU GE-66SU GE-66IU
  • Manual - ENG - AL55-66 coin Xors, version 1
  • Documento PDF (1.60MB)
  • Download
  • Manual - ENG - Programming Manual AL55-66-FG versions 2,3
  • Documento PDF (3.04MB)
  • Download
  • Manual - ENG - Programming Manual AL55-66 v. 1
  • Documento PDF (1.38MB)
  • Download
  • Manual - ENG - AL66 Pulse / Modif. ccTalk vv. 2,3.pdf
  • Documento PDF (2.00MB)
  • Download
  • Manual - ENG - AL66 Pulse / Modif. ccTalk reversed power vv. 2,3.pdf
  • Documento PDF (555.45kB)
  • Download
  • Software - AL55 AL66 v. 1
  • Documento ZIP (1.38MB)
  • v1.2.0.3 (22/10/2009)
  • Software - AL55/AL66/FG - Pulse/ccTalk vv. 2,3
  • Documento ZIP (4.45MB)
  • v2.1.8.0 [14/07/2022]
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