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High quality and secure coin acceptor. Equipped with 6 magnetic sensors and 4 optic pairs for a precise recognition of valid and counterfeit coins.

AL55 is a reliable and high quality electronic coin acceptor Its mechanical and electronic technology guarantees a high level of recognition and discrimination of valid and counterfeit coins, as well as long-lasting high performances. 
Programming software allows to clone the coin acceptor and move all configuration parameters in a simple and functional way,Xalternatively it is possible to customize it at the user’s will.

  • Identification technology: 6 magnetic sensors and 2 optical detectors, for a precise recognition of valid and counterfeit coins
  • High security level: 1 sequential optic pairs and 2 mechanical devices (wire-cutter and thread-ripper) to protect against fishing, frauds and tampers
  • Available interfaces: ccTalk Italy - Pulse/ccTalk modif. 
  • Programming by one dip-switch row,Xby PC Kit
  • 16 programming channels can ensure an extraordinary versatility
  • 32 bit ARM micro controller, 128KB Flash memory, “automotive” features, reliable in the most critical environments
  • Low power circuits produce low power consumption
  • Manual programming and single acceptance coin disabling by Dip-switch 
  • Coin funnel
  • “C” shaped support
  • Front reject support
  • Bottom reject support
  • Adapter boards for electronic coin Xors
  • Coin Xor Programming Kit
  • Universal programming Kit
  • Servo PCB MKII



Size  88 x 102 x 48 mm = 3½ “
Weight 200 gr
Power supply 12V/24 Vdc (min 8Vdc - max 28 Vdc)
Standby current draw 20 mA
Power save current draw 2,5 mA
Acceptance current draw max 350 mA (30ms)
Operating temperature 0°C ÷ 60° C (Humidity: 75% Standard, 95% Tropicalized)
Channels available 16
Coins diameter 16 ÷ 32 mm
Coins thickness 1 ÷ 3,4 mm
Processing speed 3 coins/sec (V) / 4 coins/sec (K, S, I)
Interface ccTalk Italy - Pulse/ccTalk modif. 
Connector ccTalk 4 pin, IDC parallel, 10 pin
Outputs Max 250 mA/50V (OC, active low)
Inputs Active high 3 Vdc/50 Vdc

AL55 is available in 3 versions, depending on introduction/reject/acceptance channels distribution:

AL66FG-AL66-AL55 assetto canali moneta

  AL55 V AL55 S AL55 I
ccTalk Italy GE-55VC GE-55SC GE-55IC
Pulse - ccTalk mod.  GE-55VU GE-55SU GE-55IU
  • Manual - ENG - AL55-66 coin Xors v. 1
  • Documento PDF (1.60MB)
  • Download
  • Manual - ENG - Programming manual AL55-66-FG vv. 2,3
  • Documento PDF (6.93MB)
  • Download
  • Manual -ENG- AL66-55 Programming-manual v. 1
  • Documento PDF (1.38MB)
  • Download
  • Manual - ENG - AL55 ARM Pulse / Modif. ccTalk vv. 2,3
  • Documento PDF (1.68MB)
  • Download
  • Software - AL55 AL66 v. 1
  • Documento ZIP (1.38MB)
  • v1.2.0.3 (22/10/2009)
  • Software - AL55/AL66/FG - Pulse/ccTalk
  • Documento ZIP (4.45MB)
  • v2.1.8.0 [14/07/2022]
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Via Cà Bianca, 421
40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (BO)
Tel. +39 051 944300 / Fax +39 051 944594

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