• USB Kit AL66/AL55

    USB programming kit for electronic coin acceptors AL66 and AL55 Discover details
  • Electronic rejecting kit

    Remote reject kit to enable unjam of the electronic coin acceptor from remote Discover details
  • "C" shaped support

    Polycarbonate support for electronic coin acceptors, V or I version. Discover details
  • "C" shaped support on the switch

    Polycarbonate coin mech support Discover details
  • Bracket for sorters on K/S coin acceptors

    Discover details
  • LCD Display

    AL66 Coin acceptor LCD Display Discover details
  • Emulator Interface

    Standard-mode emulator interface for ccTalk coin selector. Discover details
  • Servo PCB MKII

    Servo PCB MKII with protection case. Discover details
  • Coin funnel

    Coin funnel for coin selector. Discover details
  • AD 5"

    AD5 5’’ coin selector adapter. Discover details
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40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (BO)
Tel. +39 051 944300 / Fax +39 051 944594

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