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It can be installed on all Money Changers and Cross-Changers provided with Alberici ChangeOne boards. It allows to remote control operational conditions, account records and location of every machine

The Hermes GPRS/GSM and GPS Module Kit allows to communicate operational conditions, account records and location of every machine where it is installed in which. All data can be checked from afar through PC, Tablet, Smartphone (on Argo Portal) and/or through cell phone (via SMS). 

This Hermes module kit makes it possible to take advantage of the following services:

  • Access to www.alberici-argo.net by registration and subscription, to remote control every machine of your installed inventory by Alberici ARGO App or the renewed responsive ARGO Portal
  • Account records, cash availability and service status monitoring 
  • Automatic warning of any operative anomaly or need for refill
  • Automatic alert of any unexpected change of position of the machine
  • Every interface Module Kit needs to be equipped with a SIM-card containing data traffic credit
  • Possibility to enable/disable the machine and to pay-out an amount
  • The built-in battery provides lenghtened transmission capacity, so as to track the machine itinerary and position
  • Wi-Fi version available as well, for installation in areas unconvered by mobile data
  • ARGO - Control Portal
  • Keeper - Illuminated Topper

The Hermes GPRS-GSM-GPS Module Kit is available as follows: 

Pin Aerial model

Application Cod. 
Kit Hermes P GSM-GPS-Wi-Fi  AA-0175
Kit Hermes P Wi-Fi  AA-0174

Disk Aerial model

Application Cod. 
Kit Hermes D GSM-GPS-Wi-Fi  AA-0172
Kit Hermes D Wi-Fi  AA-0171

This aerial is designed to be hidden under the base of the Keeper illuminated topper, protected from sight and tampering

  • Manual-ENG-Kit-GPS-GSM-GPRS-Hermes+ARGO-Tutorial
  • Documento PDF (2.52MB)
  • Download
  • Firmware - GPRS GSM GPS
  • Documento ALB (34.18kB)
  • v3.12 [17/05/208]
  • Software - Upgrader v4.1 (control boards and hoppers)
  • Documento ZIP (1.15MB)
  • [30/09/2022] v6.8.0.0
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Tel. +39 051 944300 / Fax +39 051 944594

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