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Smart Cash

Automated cash counter for cash payment and change return

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Smart cash is an automatic payment management system that simplify stores’ accounting operations. This system is perfectly in line with safety standards: effective in social distancing, it avoids direct contact and money transfers while respecting the health of sellers and buyers. It accepts/returns payments and change coins and banknotes. No possibility of error in dispensing change. At any time it is possible to know the amount of money available. Safe money collection, without having to count it at the end of the day. Smart cash improve working environment, no cash differences to manage, it alerts of available cash levels. Eliminate the risk associated with counterfeit coins or banknotes.




• Accepts/returns payments
• Guarantees high levels of hygiene between operators and final users
• Fast and safe accounting management
• Eliminate cash discrepancies
• Accounting management even remotely
• Accept payments in all coins and banknotes denominations
• Change paid out in different coins and 2 denominations of banknote
• Peripherals’ service status inspection
• Simple manual refill; smart control of stock
• Settings completely customizable
• Cash register and fiscal printer function
• Excellent rejection of counterfeit banknotes

• External programming keyboard
• Universal programming kit
• Custom adhesive artwork







Dimensions 309 x 563 x 362 mm
Weight 37 kg
Voltage 230 Vac | 50 Hz
Max power 250 VA
Operating temperature 0°C ÷ 50°C
Installation Desktop
Recycled coins capacity Up to 1.400
Recycled banknotes capacity Up to 200
Stacked banknotes capacity Up to 400
Power supply unit Power switching 125 W



1 RT2-MB01-V08 Unit core assembly (w/o Per. units)
2 RT2-SP01-V08 Smart cash door
3 RT2-SP02-Z00 Lower locking bar
4 RT2-SP03-Z00 Upper locking bar
5 RT2-SP04-Z00 Locking bars protection
6 RT2-AS11-I00 Note validator support
7 C-120101 Smart hopper
8 8a LB-MC0E-0500 iPRO-RC note validator
8b LB-MC0E-1800 MEI note validator
8c LB-MC0E-0100 VEGA note validator
8d.1 AA-0201 VEGA-RC recycling unit
8d.2 AA-0210 VEGA-RC2 recycling unit
9 RT2-AS13-I00 Door latch plate
10 RT2-AS14-I00 Cabinet closing plate
11 RT2-MB02-I00 Rear door cover plate
12 RT2-AM01-V08 Coin box support
13 RT2-AM04-Z00 Coin box
14 RT2-AM02-V08 Coin box cover
15 RT2-AS03-I00 Coin exit container
16 RT2-AS02-I00 Coin exit container support
17 C-071004-000 Coin box guides
18 RT2-AS04-I00 Coin exit door support
19 19a A-PS0001 Smart cash power unit
19b AE-0806 RD-125 Power box
20 C-070104-000 Main lock (straight latch)
21 S-100235-00T Coin exit door
22 AM-1507 Electrical cylinder T lock with return spring
23 AM-1509 Security flat key lock
24 SH-1D41 ChangeOne CMG 5″ control board
25 25a S-051202-000 Standard adhesive artwork
25b S-051202-P00 Custom adhesive artwork
26 P-AM0702-10T P3 paper holder
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