Hira 1 CC

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Space-saving cross-changer

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Hira 1 CC


Hira 1 CC is a compact single compartment Cross-Changer, characterized by high flexibility and easy installation. Designed for wall-hanging (by using its optional slab), for shelf/desk positioning or for free-standing mounting, it may be placed virtually everywhere. This machine is as efficient as higher price category Cross-Changers both in terms of management and security. The upwards opening front door allows a functional installation of the machine and easy maintenance thanks to the sliding supports which make the extraction of peripheral devices easier. Suitable for daily changed amounts up to 1.000 €.




• Unlike traditional change machines, it change coins into banknotes and banknotes into different denominations
• Dispensing of coins and banknotes in automatic or manual mode
• Peripherals’ service status inspection
• Simple manual refill; smart control of stock
• Management and display of accounting parameters
• Settings completely customizable


• ARGO telemetry system + Hermes module kit for remote control
• External programming keyboard
• Universal programming kit
• Pedestal
• Wall fixing plate






Dimensions 275 x 480* x 367 mm (*1440 mm with pedestal)
Weight 31 kg (44 kg with pedestal)
Voltage 230 Vac | 50 Hz
Max power 250 VA
Operating temperature 0°C ÷ 50°C
Installation Pedestal / wall / desktop
Recycled coins capacity Up to 1.600 mixed
Recycled banknotes capacity Up to 300
Stacked banknotes capacity Up to 60
Power supply unit Power switching 125 W
Spare parts



1 HRC-001A-V06 Unit core assembly (w/o Per. units)
2 HR1-005A-V06 Anti-intrusion steel bar
3 AA-0101-0600 Pedestal
4 HRC-006A-V08 Hira 1 CC door
5 AA-0170 Hermes telemetry module
6 C-071201-000 Gas spring
7 A-CM0244 Assembled coin funnel
8 P-AM0702-10T P3 paper holder
9 C-071001-000 OMGE 859/30 pair of guide rails
10 AM-1509 Security flat key lock
11 AM-1507 Electrical cylinder T lock with return spring
12 S-030169-010 Hira 1 CC wiring
13 A-PW0002 Power unit
14 SH-1B21 ChangeOne CCS control board 2×16
15 15a LB-MC0E-0100 VEGA note validator
15a.1 AA-0210 VEGA-RC2 recycler
15a.2 AA-0201 VEGA-RC1 recycler
16 K-02C-090034 Hopper  Evolution II MINI ccTalk + CD2 S coin sorter
17 17a HP-C824 Hopper Discriminator II MINI ccTalk
17b HP-Q124 Hopper CD MINI ccTalk
18 PL-MK21-ET60 Square 21 halo illuminated push-button with snap-in (w/o socket)
19 PM-M186 MP17 electronic RGB led socket 12V
20 HRC-002A-V06 Sliding shelf
21 21a S-050127-000 Standard adhesive artwork
21b S-050127-P00 Custom adhesive artwork
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Firmware - CCS ARM2
file alb (0.2 MB)
v A2.32.02
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Software - Control boards and hoppers update
file zip (1.0 MB)
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Other files

Firmware - CCS ARM1
File alb (0.2 MB)
v A1.32.01
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Firmware - CCS Freescale
File alb (0.2 MB)
v 1.52
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