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Compact and reliable note validator. It offers high discrimination capacity and anti-fraud security. Also available in its magnetic sensor version

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BillyOne is designed to guarantee excellent validation, high levels of security, speed and practical use and maintenance. It offers high acceptance rate up to 83 mm width banknotes, as well as high levels of anti-fraud security. Reliability is guaranteed by double validation check through IR spectrograph system and chromatic sensors, and by its sensor for detecting magnetic ink. Different protocols supported make BillyOne a versatile note validator which can be easily installed in several machines. Furthermore, it is equipped with multicolor backlighting to indicate its presence and service status. The structure and the choice of materials guarantee high resistance and long-term operational life.


• Efficient anti-fishing device to prevent fraud attempts
• Suitable banknotes: up to 83 mm width
• Several currencies supported
• Integrated DIP-switch for interface settings
• Easy internal access for cleaning and maintenance
• Software update thanks to universal or USB programming kits

• Bezels
• Interface for note validator
• 6 out adapter board
• Calibration card
• Universal programming kit
• USB programming kit






Dimensions 120 x 97 x 137 mm
Weight 0.576 Kg
Voltage 12V / 24V (+/- 5%)
Current draw – max 500 mA – 1.2 mA
Stand by current draw 250 mA
Banknotes width Standard 62 – 83 mm / dollars 67 mm
Operating temperature 0°C ÷ 50 °C
Speed 2 banknotes / sec.
Interfaces ccTalk / Pulse / MDB / SAS
Acceptance rate > 95%
There are no spare parts for this product.
ccTalk / Pulse LB-LU01
Universal magnetic sensor LB-LU11
Dollars magnetic sensor LB-LU02


Manual - ENG - BillyOne UN1 ARM 3
Document pdf (3.8 MB)


Software - BillyOne/OryOne
file zip (0.8 MB)


Instructions - ENG - BillyOne/OryOne update
Document pdf (1.9 MB)

Other files

Firmware - BillyOne/OryOne
File alb (1.0 MB)
Master - BillyOne/OryOne - New Pounds
File alb (0.0 MB)
v 1.0.0.D

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