Reliable and secure electronic coin validator for standard applications

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AL55 is a reliable and high-quality electronic coin acceptor Its mechanical and electronic technology guarantees a high level of recognition and discrimination of valid and counterfeit coins, as well as long-lasting high performances. Programming software allows to clone the coin acceptor and move all configuration parameters in a simple and functional way, alternatively it is possible to customize it at the user’s will.


• 6 magnetic sensors, 2 pairs of optical detectors and 13 recognition parameters (12 dynamic)
• Anti-fraud security ensured by 4 optical pairs and 2 mechanical devices (wire-cutter and wire-stripper)
• Made of non-deformable HQ polymeric resins
• Programming from PC or via two dip-switch banks
• 16 combinable programming channels
• 32-bit ARM microprocessor, 128 KB Flash memory
• Low power circuits, low consumption

• Coin sorters
• Coin funnels
• C shaped support
• Spanish support
• Front coin introductions
• Connection boards
• USB programming kit
• Universal programming kit
• Servo control board
• Tropicalization




Dimensions 98.7 x 102.1 x 54.4 mm (3” ½)
Weight 200 g
Voltage 12V/24 Vdc (±5%)
Stand by current draw 20 mA
Power save current draw 2.5 mA
Acceptance current draw max 350 mA (30ms)
Operating temperature 0°C ÷ 60°C (Humidity: 75% standard, 95% tropicalized)
Interfaces ccTalk Italy, Pulse / ccTalk modif.
Connectors ccTalk: 4 pin, IDC Pulse: 10 pin
Available channels 16
Speed 3 coins / sec. [V]
4 coins / sec. [S, I]
Coins diameter 16 ÷ 32 mm
Coins thickness 1 ÷ 3.4 mm
Outputs Max 250 mA/50V (OC, active low)
Inputs Active high 5 Vdc/50 Vdc
There are no spare parts for this product.

AL55 is available in 3 versions, depending on introduction / reject / acceptance channels distribution:



AL55 V AL55 S AL55 I
ccTalk Italy GE-55VC GE-55SC GE-55IC
Pulse – ccTalk mod. GE-55VU GE-55SU GE-55IU



Manual - ENG - AL55/AL66
Document pdf (1.0 MB)
Manual - ENG - Programming AL55/AL66/AL66 FG
Document pdf (2.9 MB)
Manual - ENG - AL55 ARM Pulse/ccTalk mod
Document pdf (1.9 MB)


Software - Programming AL55/AL66
file zip (1.0 MB)
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Software - Programming AL55/AL66/AL66 FG Pulse/ccTalk
file zip (3.8 MB)
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Instruction - Coin acceptor trouble shooting
Document pdf (0.2 MB)
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Other files

Data sheet - ENG - AL55 ARM Pulse/ccTalk mod
File pdf (0.7 MB)
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