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King Charles III notes ‚Äď we are ready to go, what about you!?

Banknotes featuring a portrait of King Charles III will be issued this year from 5 June. The portrait of the King will appear on existing designs of all banknotes, with no other changes to the existing designs. This means you can check these notes in the same way you can check polymer banknotes featuring Queen […]

Best innovative product ‚Äď INNOVATION DISTRICT AWARDS ‚Äď ENADA 2024

The Innovation District, ENADA‚Äôs new project, with the partnership of ANGI ‚Äď Associazione Nazionale Giovani Innovatori, delivers the award for best innovative product to Alberici. The award was awarded for having created an all-in-one solution aimed at speeding up and optimizing maintenance activities of operators.The awards ceremony, held in the Vision Arena, filled the entire […]

Introducing the DD-623 Programmer

Our training courses are the ideal opportunity for the presentation of our new products, but above all, they are the sharing of knowledge needed to grow, innovate and achieve goals together and successfully. It allows people the opportunity to visit and touch our business reality. Last week there was a preview presentation of our new […]

Alberici joins with schools

Our commitment to school orientation, an activity that distinguished us for many years, continues. Also this year Alberici has been chosen as a partner by the third Class of the Institute “F.lli Pizzigotti” in Castel San Pietro Terme and in collaboration with the section of Confindustria of our region Emilia Romagna. The educational visit has […]

New DD-623 programmer

Don’t waste your time during service operations! TOO MANY updates, ONE SOLUTION. Discover Alberici branded DD-623 programmer!

New IMPORTANT award!

The Cribis Prime Company is a highly important award; it is issued after a careful evaluation and it recognizes  “the highest level of reliability from a business relations perspective.” www.cribis.com CRIBIS D&B (Crif SpA group) is a company specializing in business information solutions, born from the strategic alliance between CRIF, Europe’s leading provider of credit […]

The new portal and App Alberici ARGO are online

The new versions of the portal are available ARGO and its App, which include some important optimizations. WHAT CHANGES FOR YOU? The operation of the App and the ARGO portal has not been changed and you can continue to manage your fleet of machines remotely as before. For a BETTER REMOTE MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE of your […]

Alberici USA Inc. is born!

The results achieved so far have led the company to decide to invest in the american market with the opening of a brand new office. Alberici USA Inc.¬†is the name of the new¬†commercial branch¬†located in Chicago (IL), USA.¬†Alberici is¬†an internationally oriented Italian company, specialized in designing and manufacturing innovative technologies for¬†automatic payment systems and accessories.¬†Alberici¬†has […]

Expanding our network!

Having a solid and expanding network represents an indispensable competitive advantage that allows us to exploit shared knowledge, broaden the vision of our role, face and overcome our limits and above all seize new opportunities. For this reason, we started 2020 with an important meeting at our headquarters. Alberici Spa had the pleasure to welcome¬†the […]

Alberici Polska is born!

Alberici announces with satisfaction the acquisition of Unipay, an important Polish company operating in the commercialization of cash handling machinery and related spare parts. Unipay, historic company based in PŇāock – a city strategically located near Warsaw – has been for some years the exclusive distributor of Alberici products -a wide range of change machines, […]

Alberici opens its doors to the future

Yesterday, Alberici had the pleasure to welcome some young students at the¬†final year of secondary school. For several years we have been paying great attention to activities on educational orientation, with the aim of providing students with greater knowledge of the professional world, in order to allow a more conscious choice that is close to […]

Our note validators are approved by the ECB!

For the last seventy years we have been involved in supplying innovative and custom solutions for all those manufacturers, distributors, re-sellers and operators that require secure and reliable payment systems, as well as assuring an efficient customer services in order to guarantee the best customer experience and satisfaction.¬†Technology and market trends are constantly evolving but […]

Managing self-service laundry has never been so easy!

LaundryOne¬†embodies the concept of SMART LAUNDRY: THE INNOVATIVE WAY OF DOING AND MANAGING LAUNDRY! A smart laundry should be easy to use for your customers and simple to manage for you. This new activation system is an excellent tool for both operators and users: operators can easily increase their business; users will gain in terms […]


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