About Us

Since many years among the leaders in the field of automatic payment systems, Alberici SpA takes care of its products from design to manufacturing and distribution.
The Company's research tradition and its passion for innovation date back to more than 60 years.

Based in Castel San Pietro Terme, a spa town nearby Bologna, Italy, Alberici SpA has nearly 50 employees. Alberici USA Inc., based in Reno, Nevada, is responsible for the US and American markets.

Almost all the products marketed by Alberici are designed and manufactured in the company's workshop in Castel San Pietro Terme: therefore they are genuinely "Made in Italy". We distribute them all over the world, directly and through Distributors and Retailers. We exhibit them in all major Shows.

Our aim is to deliver quality products, capable to create value for the operators of the various coin-op fields where secure and efficient cashing systems are required.

Beside this, on one hand we pursue the consolidation of the Company's position in the traditional areas of Amusement, Vending and Car-wash; on the other hand, we endeavour to expand our services to all those fields where the hand-payments can profitably be replaced by automatic cashing systems.

Products and services for the OEM

This is the Company's core-business: it aims at small and big production Partners in the fields of Amusement and Gaming Industry, of Car-Wash and Laundrettes, and of the Vending Machines. It typically offers to the OEM:

  • Electronic multi-coin acceptors and sorters, with accessory parts

  • Multi-coin discriminator hoppers and single-coin hoppers

  • Illuminated and non-illuminated pushbuttons, Illuminated toppers and beacons

  • Note validators and recyclers

  • Money Changing Machines

  • Custom-made solutions

Solutions for the Operators

We make available replacement components and spare parts, generally compatible with the vast majority of the installed equipments. Above all, we offer Money Changing Machines and Token Distributors, that satisfy in so many situations the need for cash money.